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Friday, June 12, 2009

What A Mouth!

Vanessa was hanging out at a friends house and tells me she is on her way home after stopping to suck some cock.  She told me how my sexy cock better be ready when she gets home, because she wanted to suck two dicks in a row!  Vanessa tells me that she will be there in less than a minute.  She seemed excited which totally turned me on!  A minute later she tells me she is there.

I was so hot, I couldn't wait for her to suck cock again!  Four minutes later...Vanessa tells me his cock is in her mouth. I sat there at the edge of my seat, waiting to hear the word I knew would come shortly.  Seven minutes later..."Done! Haha!"  I fucking love it!!!

Vanessa heads home and starts sending me pics...

blowing my boss at work
She walks in the door right as I am receiving the last picture...

frothy mouthful of cum

OMFG was all I could think.  I kissed her soft wet lips, which totally tasted like dick and cum but I don't care, I love this beautiful woman!

Vanessa drops to her knees and adores my cock with her wonderful mouth.

boyfriend sloppy seconds blowjob sloppy seconds blowjob
sloppy seconds blowjob slut slut sucking cock
mouthful of cum swallowed all of the cum

After swallowing my load, she keeps on sucking as I take this picture.  I love how she looks like such a used slut.

used slut cocksucker

Definitely one of my favorites!