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Saturday, August 19, 2017

She fucked our neighbor!

Tonight we went out and ran into our neighbor that Vanessa blew a couple months back.  He was too shy to talk to us and left shortly after seeing us.  We both kind of laughed that she sucked his dick and now he's acting all shy toward us.

We get home around 10pm and Vanessa wanted to jump in the shower because she had worked all day.  She comes out of the bathroom wearing this little thing that I can't stand, but I do love how her ass hangs out of the bottom.

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I had to snap a picture of her ass hanging out he bottom.  Vanessa lifts her leg and put it up on the counter so I could get a pic of her pussy.  It looked so good, I got down on my knees and ate her meaty slut hole.

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While I was eating Vanessa's pussy, I told her that I wanted her to get fucked.  She said that she would text our neighbor and see if he wanted to fuck.

He texted back about twenty minutes later so I sent Vanessa down to go get another dick in her.  She was down there for about 30 minutes.  I took pictures of her walking out of his door and back to our place right after she got done fucking him.  I love how she didn't even bother putting her clothes back on and just walked home totally naked.

Vanessa laid on our couch with her legs spread and said, "You going to lick me clean?"

I bury my face between Vanessa's legs and I instantly knew that he came inside of her.  I told her to tell me what happened while I lick her clean. 

This is what Vanessa told me...

"I knocked on his door and he answered really fast.  I walked in and we started kissing while he grabbed my ass.  I took his hand and made him touch my pussy while I unzipped his pants.  His dick was already hard so I pushed him back on the couch and climbed on top of him.  I rode him for maybe two minutes before I felt my pussy being filled with cum.  I just let him cum in me because I knew you would lick me clean when I got home.  I could feel that he came a lot and it felt good so I kept riding him for probably close to ten minutes."

All I could picture is Vanessa riding him like when she first fucked William.

Vanessa continued..."I could feel his cum leaking out of me and it was making a sloshing sound which really turned me on!  I climbed off of him because I wanted to make him fuck me on the floor.  I started to lay back on the floor and saw all this frothy cum built up on the base of his dick just above his balls so I said, "Mmmmm, let me clean that up."  So I put his dick in my mouth and licked up all the frothy cum.  I then laid back on the floor and spread my legs telling him to fuck me.  He got on top of me and fucked me for maybe another ten minutes or so.  I could tell he was getting close to cumming again so I started saying that I wanted him to cum deep in me.  It wasn't long before I felt my pussy get all wet from him cumming in me again.  We kissed for a little after that and then I said that I should probably get back home.  I walked out the door naked and saw you taking pictures in the hall."

By this time, I was so horny hearing what Vanessa was telling me, I had to fuck her!  I slid my cock in her freshly used pussy and WOW!  I absolutely LOVE fucking her after she has fucked someone else.  FUCKING INCREDIBLE!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Pussy stretching 08-08-2017

It takes a special kind of slut to want to ruin her pussy.  Keep destroying it!

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