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Friday, June 26, 2009

Opportunity Awaites

So I often wonder how much dick she would suck, if given the opportunity.  I mean at this point, Vanessa has my dick in her mouth two or three times a day, and she is also sucking off her boss Alan one or two times every time she works with him.  Which can range from three to six days a week!  We also can't forget about the days she goes out there and she is not even working.

So two days ago she had his dick in her mouth, then yesterday he had the day off.  So it was Friday, which is Vanessa's day off, and I was sitting here thinking about the other night when she told me how much she loves sucking cock.  She wants me to help her find guys to suck on lol! Just then she walks up, kisses me, and tells me she will be back.  I laughed and told her she was a dirty little slut and she replied with, "you love it", then winked at me lol!

It took her 3 minutes to milk the cum from his dick!

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spitting his cum in a glass

Can I be next?

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Love This Slut!

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Checking The Schedule

I asked Vanessa how her day was going.  She tells me that it's been great and she is going to suck some cock to make it even better.  Then, tells me how she is checking the schedule to see how many loads of cum she will be able to swallow this week.  I was so turned on by what I was hearing!

They close up and Vanessa says how she is going to tell me when she's going to suck his cock to turn me on.  Then a few seconds later she says, "Haha NOW!"  I love how she says that!

Four minutes later she says, "Done! Lol!"  I could not believe how fast she sucked him off!  She told me how big his load was today Lol!  Then said how much she loves sucking other guys cocks haha!  I don't know what it is but having your girl come home smelling of sex is SO FUCKING HOT!

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spitting my boss's cum in a glass

Vanessa walks in the door and starts sucking my cock.  She pours his load of cum in her mouth.  Some of it dripped down her chin and onto her shirt.  I loved it!

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cock sucking slut

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Frothy Surprise

Vanessa starts off the day by sucking my dick and telling me she is still  horny.  Then she asks me if she can suck a cock tonight haha!  I fucking LOVE it!  Of course she can!  Vanessa tells me she has a surprise for me and I will see at the end of the day.  I love surprises but I can't stand waiting!  Especially if I am excited to see the surprise!

After thinking for half the day about what her surprise was I get a text that says, "I am about to suck! Two seconds!"  I can't tell you how turned on I get when she has a dick in her mouth.  Almost four minutes later she says, "Done baby! On my way home!"  Haha! He lasted ALMOST four minutes.  On her way home, she tells me about how she just waits for him to lock the door and instantly drops to her knees.  I could not wait for her to get home!

I am still wondering what my surprise is, then she walks in the door.  In one hand is a load of cum that she just sucked from Alan...

a glass of my boss's cum

Friday, June 12, 2009

What A Mouth!

Vanessa was hanging out at a friends house and tells me she is on her way home after stopping to suck some cock.  She told me how my sexy cock better be ready when she gets home, because she wanted to suck two dicks in a row!  Vanessa tells me that she will be there in less than a minute.  She seemed excited which totally turned me on!  A minute later she tells me she is there.

I was so hot, I couldn't wait for her to suck cock again!  Four minutes later...Vanessa tells me his cock is in her mouth. I sat there at the edge of my seat, waiting to hear the word I knew would come shortly.  Seven minutes later..."Done! Haha!"  I fucking love it!!!

Vanessa heads home and starts sending me pics...

blowing my boss at work
She walks in the door right as I am receiving the last picture...

frothy mouthful of cum

OMFG was all I could think.  I kissed her soft wet lips, which totally tasted like dick and cum but I don't care, I love this beautiful woman!

Vanessa drops to her knees and adores my cock with her wonderful mouth.

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mouthful of cum swallowed all of the cum

After swallowing my load, she keeps on sucking as I take this picture.  I love how she looks like such a used slut.

used slut cocksucker

Definitely one of my favorites!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I Love Her Dirty Mouth

A little after 5 Vanessa tells me she is feeling "frisky".  I asked what was on her mind and what she wanted to do.  I love to hear her say it ;) She told me how she was horny and wanted to swallow two loads today. Then have me bury my face between her legs.  Vanessa always seems to ask for my approval so I told her yes! She told me how wet her pussy has been all day so I could not refuse.

I was so turned on knowing that she was about to suck some more dick!  Vanessa kept telling me how bad she wanted his cock in her mouth.  I loved hearing it!  I was so excited I asked if she was about to do it.  Vanessa said, "Yes! Doing it in one minute!" I asked, "when?"  She replied with, "Now!"  So I'm hard as a rock and she is out sucking her boss Alan's cock.  I told her what a perfect slut she is and she just laughed and said thank you while his cock was in her mouth.  I fucking love it!

sucking my boss's cock
sucking off my boss
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I'm sure you can imagine what she did with the cum in the mug...or just see for yourself.

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