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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Love This Slut!

Today is Wednesday and we had the day off, I was sitting on the couch relaxing.  Vanessa walked over and sucked on my cock just long enough to get me hard.  Then, she went and got on the computer.  I few minutes later I get a text on my phone that says "Hey..."  So I said, "hey..."  She replies with, "I want to suck..."  I said ok, and she was out the door in minutes.

Vanessa told me when she got there, and that she was helping close up so everyone would leave faster.  I excitedly said ok and waited for her to tell me what was happening next.  Not more than two minutes later she said, "Now!"

Four minutes later, she tells me she is done.  Vanessa heads home and hands me the camera when she walks in the door...

sucking my boss's cock
my boss cumming in my mouth
spitting his cum in a glass
It's almost like she can never get enough cum in her...I love it!

pouring my boss's cum in my mouth sucking my cuckold boyfriend's cock with my boss's cum
cock sucking cum slut