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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Pussy stretching 06-30-2016

Vanessa destroying her meaty pussy with a massive Jolly Good Giant Dong!

I love her huge pussy!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Anal while sleeping

I just fucked Vanessa in the ass!  She was laying in bed sleeping and I wanted to fuck her, so I climbed into bed and yanked her panties down.   I slid my cock in her pussy.  She didn't wake up at all, so I started to fuck her harder and faster.

Vanessa's whole body was flopping around while I was fucking her.  I started to think about what kind of slut can just lay there and sleep while getting fucked as hard as I was fucking her.  That really turned me on because as you know from reading this blog, I LOVE sluts!

Watching her body jiggle around while I fucked her made me want to fuck her in the ass.  I pulled my cock out of Vanessa's pussy and aimed it straight for her asshole.  This is usually where she would stop me if she didn't want it in her ass, but she didn't even move.

I rammed my cock all the way in her ass and expected Vanessa to wake up any time.  Nothing happened so I just started fucking away.  I was fucking her ass so hard that I had to reach down and make sure I was in her asshole.  Sure enough, I was absolutely pounding her asshole and she was just laying there taking it like a slut!

After almost thirty minutes I can tell that I am going to cum.  I thrust my cock balls deep into Vanessa's asshole and pump her full of my seed.  Every time I or someone else cums in Vanessa, she gets up and goes to the bathroom to let it drip out.

There was nothing of the sort, so I pulled her panties up and put my arm around her.  She let out a little moan and snuggled her ass up against me.  I wonder if she will have a huge load of cum drip out of her in the morning lol!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Pussy stretching 06-13-2016

I will never get tired of seeing Vanessa stretch her pussy.  I love the gaping hole that is left behind!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Surprise fisting

I love fucking up Vanessa's huge meaty pussy! 

I fuck her with a double dong and a huge Bam dildo while fingering her ass and spreading her pussy open.

After the Bam dildo, I was supposed to use another toy on her but instead I thought I would jam my hand inside her pussy and fist her.

Gotta love a slut who just lays there and takes it!

Three dildos from behind

Watch me abuse Vanessa's huge meaty pussy with three of her dildos!

I love how the slut lets me to whatever I want to her.  I can't stop watching her ass jiggle around while she is getting fucked!


Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Pussy stretching 06-08-2016

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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

You can't shower yet!

I gave Vanessa a facial and for the past half hour, she sat there and let the cum dry on her face while I took pictures.

Vanessa sat up on the couch and I take this picture right as she was telling me she was going to take a shower.

I grab Vanessa's legs and pull her back so she is laying on the couch with her legs spread in front of me and I say that I am going to cum on her face again.  

I slide my cock in her pussy and take a few pictures of the dried cum on her face while I slowly fuck her.

Six minutes later, I pull out and cum all over her lips and chin!

What a great little slut!

Dried cum on her face

Several years ago when Vanessa was fucking one of her co-workers Peter, he pulled out and blew his load on her face.

Instead of cleaning herself up, she drove home to come fuck me with his cum still on her face.

Rule #34 states that if it exists, there is a porn fetish for it.  This can't be more true about dried cum on a woman's face.  Over the past several years I have had increasing requests to cum on Vanessa's face and let it dry while I take pictures. 

The first step is to get the slut to suck my cock and cum on her face.

Seven minutes in, it's not dry at all.  It's dripping down her neck and chest.  Some was leaking down her side and ended up tickling the shit out of Vanessa.

After fifteen minutes it's starting to dry in the places where it wasn't so thick.  Vanessa can still feel wetness in the cracks of her face and where is was shot on really thick.

Twenty minutes in and it's a little moist but mostly dry at this point.

It took about 28 minutes for my cum to completely dry on Vanessa's face.  She can feel it crack when talking and smiling lol!

32 minutes later, these are the last pictures before Vanessa goes and washes it off.

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