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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Show Her Your Cock!?

Today Vanessa was talking about how she wanted to find more guys that would want to fuck her.  I was not opposed to this at all and would be glad to help her.  After talking a while, Vanessa explains that she wants guys to hit on her more and literally said she wishes guys would just pull their cocks out if they want to fuck her.

So while she is telling me all this, I decide to pull my cock out, just to see if it really works.

sucking dick
cum in my mouth

Vanessa's filthy, slut mouth had me shooting my load in 38 seconds!  The cum bubbles were just a bonus.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ask And You Shall Receive

Vanessa had the day off and was just relaxing around the house.  Late in the afternoon, she tells me that she needs to run to work because Alan had a question about some things.  I didn't really think anything of it at the time and told her I would see her in a little while.

After she left I got to thinking...What does he need to ask her that she couldn't answer over the phone?  My curiosity got to me, so I had to ask Vanessa..."He asked if I would come give him a blowjob at work and I really wanted to."  Then, before I could respond, she says..."Doing it now!"

Eight minutes later she tells me that she is done and coming home.

blowing my boss
boss's cock in my mouth at work i love sucking cock
spitting my boss's cum in a glass

Vanessa tells to me to get my cock out because I am next.  Gotta love this woman!

sloppy seconds blowjob pouring my boss's cum in my mouth
sucking my boyfriend's cock with my boss's cum mouthful of yummy cum

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I Kiss This Mouth

In the past six days Vanessa has swallowed over twelve loads of cum. Today was day seven and she didn't work so I really didn't think anything would happen. 

Then, a little before 4 in the afternoon, she tells me that she is going to work to suck Alan's cock and that I better be ready when she gets home. I was so turned on by her just telling me that she is going to do it!

sucking my boss's cock
spitting cum in a glass

Vanessa walks in and puts the glass of cum down, drops to her knees and immediately starts sucking my dick. Half way into it she says how much she loves the taste of cum and pours his load in her mouth and continues sucking mine. I love the look she is giving me while sucking my dick with Alan's load!

boyfriend sloppy seconds blowjob pouring my boss's cum in my mouth
sucking my boyfriend's cock with my boss's cum mouthful of hot cum

So after today, it was fourteen loads of cum that was pumped down her throat for the week. I LOVE IT!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


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Friday, May 22, 2009

The Boss's Orders

Two days later, Vanessa goes to work and it didn't even take her an hour before she started telling me how horny she was. She said Alan was scheduled to leave around four so she would have to figure something out fast. I was turned on by how bad she wanted it! Vanessa was telling me that if he leaves early she will see if he will come back at close or maybe try to get him to go for a drive with her.

Vanessa kept telling me how she was excited to suck his cock today and that she left him a note to let him know she wanted it.

A short time later, she tells me that her phone is dying. It was down to four bars out of five and she was acting like that was a problem haha! I suggested that she come home and get her charger. Vanessa went and told Alan that her phone was dead and asked if she could run home to get it. Of course he said yes, then right away she asked if she could suck my dick while she was home.

I personally think that there was no talking of the phone charger to him. I think she was flirting with him so she could suck his dick and to turn him on she said she would go home and suck my dick and then come back and suck his.

Well...she did suck mine! :)

sucking my boyfriend's cock cock in my mouth
swallowing cum open mouth for cock use

She swallowed, forgot her charger, and then headed back to work.

On her way back to work Vanessa text me, "He sent everyone on break and is waiting for my dirty mouth ;)" Awesome!, I thought. I told her she forgot her phone charger and Vanessa laughs and said, "I never needed it haha! He sent me home to suck your cock and said to come straight back to suck his LOL! So that's what I am doing right now!"

I asked, You are sucking his cock right now while texting me? "Yes! That's what he wanted LOL!"

boss sloppy seconds blowjob sucking my boss's cock at work

Vanessa was interrupted and had to stop so she only got two pictures. That won't stop her from trying to get more though.

For the rest of the day all she could talk about was fucking and sucking. So I knew when she locked the door after they closed that she was going to milk some cum out of his cock. Sure enough, three minutes after she locks the door she tells me she is sucking his cock.

my boss fucking my face

Then she asks, "Can I have him put it in me?" I'm sure you know what I said.

fucking my boss at work

Vanessa let him fuck her for a minute just to tease him, then went back to sucking his cock!

sucking my boss's cock boss blowjob
boss blowjob selfie I love sucking cock
cum in my mouth my boss's cum in my mouth

Finally getting that mouthful of cum she wants so bad.