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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Not once, but twice!

Vanessa gets to work at eleven and the first thing she says to me is, "You have to tell me, when I want cock today...should I try to get it...?"  I totally wanted to tell her yes but I wanted to know what her plans were, so I asked.  

She said suck and maybe fuck. Then told me that when it slows down and he goes to his office, she would go shut the door for five minutes and suck his dick.  Vanessa seemed so excited, which excited me, so I told her ok.

Two hours later Vanessa tells me that she just got lunch and put a note on his desk saying that she would like to have a meeting before close today.  That turned me on so much seeing how bad she really wanted it!  

I asked what she was planning on doing and she said, "I want to have a meeting so I can suck him off! Then do it again later before I let him slide his dick and me!"  I was speechless.  I was so turned on I would have let her do just about anything!

We were both laughing about the note and Vanessa told me she put the word meeting in quotes haha! Here is a pic that she sent me of it. She is so perfect!!!

A little while later she tells me that work is busy and she wishes he would call her back to his office. Then said, "He just asked what I needed to talk about. I said nothing. And winked... I then told him if it does not happen during the day today it won't happen tonight! Haha!"  I love how horny she is!

Apparently, Alan was acting nervous because his wife was coming by to drop off his kid. Yes wife and kid, but don't think we are some kind of home wreckers or something.  The guy has never been faithful to his wife is the 5+ years she has known him.  So sure enough, ten minutes till four and his wife shows up. It just means that Vanessa would have to wait until everyone is gone, which she didn't seem that happy about.

An hour later Vanessa says, "I was going to start by sucking his cock to get it nice and hard... then I was going to bend over and let him slip it in me from behind... maybe make him take a picture while he is fucking me. Right before he blows, I will turn around and let him cum in my mouth!"  I knew she was still horny when I got this, "There is no one in the store if you want me to suck real quick for a teaser..." Of course I did!

Here are the pictures she sent me...

boss's cock in my mouth
wet lips wrapped around my boss's dick

That last one is one of my favorites!  Seeing her wet lips wrapped around cock like that makes me so horny!

I asked Vanessa if she swallowed and she said that his kid is still running around the store and she had to be quick, so he didn't cum.  Three minutes later she sends me this, "Everyone is gone. You want me to just finish him or fuck him?"  I told her to finish sucking his dick and to send me the pictures.

sucking my boss's cock deepthroat my boss's cock
sucking on the tip

So Vanessa is sucking his cock and text me this, "I want him to put it in me."  I will never forget her saying that, I was so turned on I could not wait for her to do it!  I asked if she was fucking him and four minutes later I get this, "I did! He did not last long haha!"  

I was shocked that it was over that fast haha! She said, "Yeah! I swallowed! But did not get a pic this time, a customer came in haha!"  Here are the pics she sent me, they are in order.  The second one is him filling her mouth with cum!

fucking my boss at work

Vanessa told him that she wanted more before she left for the day. I thought that was so hot and I asked if she was going to swallow again. "Of course!" she said. Then exactly one minute later she says, "Haha! We are so going to have sex right now!" 

I was so excited!!!  I asked if it was already in her or was he when she sent that and she said yes!  Eight minutes later Vanessa says, "Haha So done!"  I love when she says that!!  She told me, "I sucked till he got hard. Then bent over for him... made him pound it into me as hard as he could... when he was about to cum I sucked him good."  I could not wait to have her!!!

On her way home she sends me the pictures...

sucking my boss's cock me sucking cock
my boss's cock in me

Later that night after hours of wonderful hot sweaty pounding of Vanessa's pussy, she told me she how much she loved it and wanted more.  That was so hot and she can totally have more!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Vanessa was at work and told me she was in the mood and that business was starting to slow down a little.  I love when she says things like that because it's like she can't wait to suck his cock.  Then she says, "I am thinking right now how nice it will feel to have a cock in my mouth, have wanted one in there all day!"  I told her how much I loved hearing that and she just said simply, "it's true".

With thirty minutes left in the day, I start to see how much Vanessa wants to suck his cock.  She said, "Yes! Last customer just left! Then we are closing up..." Then a second later, "so here in about five or ten minutes I think I may have some free time...You want me to let you know before I go into his office and suck his cock?"  

I told her yes and just then more customers walked in the store. I asked her if maybe she wanted to forget it and just come home because it was so busy.  Vanessa told me how she had wanted it before she even went to work that morning, so we were not going to forget it.

Five minutes before closing Vanessa says, "We have only one more customer...then I should finally have time! Haha I can't wait!!!"  I was excited and she seemed to have been counting down till close.  

"Seriously, less then two minutes and I finally get to have some cock!" she said.  I was so turned on by how much she wanted it I could not wait either.  Literally two minutes later Vanesa says, "K! I am now!"  After a few minutes, it was six exactly, she just says "done".  I thought that was the cutest thing ever and I love when she says it like that!

Of course, I start receiving pictures...

rubbing his cock on her face
cum in my mouth

Then Vanessa tells me how he said he wanted to fuck her.  I guess he asked if he could and she said no.  We talked about it for a while and she told me she wanted to fuck him and would tomorrow as long as I told her to do it.  I could not wait!

Friday, April 24, 2009


It's around one thirty in the afternoon and I was looking at all the pictures Vanessa sent me over the last month.  I get so turned on seeing her sucking on a cock or cum in her mouth! I told her how horny I was and she asked..."What are you horny for?"  

Right away I knew what she was getting at, but I asked what she meant.  I like to hear her say it.  Vanessa said, "Me sucking cock, getting my pussy eaten, or a good fucking...What are you horny for?"  I was so horny I just told her they all sounded great!

"Of yeah?" she said. "because you are making me horny!"  I knew before that she wanted to suck Alan's dick earlier when she asked me what I was horny for. Then she says..."There is no one in the store right now...if you are horny enough for me to be bad...I would just have to check...Then I can come home real quick!"  I love hearing her talk like that so I said yummy and asked her if she wanted to.

Vanessa replied with "Fuck yes!"  I laughed at her response then she asked..."Well yes or no?  I want some cock...then some more cock!"  I will never say no when she tells me she wants it that bad, so I told her ok and to send me pics.  Keep in mind that this whole conversation started less then twenty minutes ago.

Two minutes later I get this picture...

One minute after that, Vanessa says..."Fuck I got interrupted...Give me a minute..."  I was so hot from the picture she sent but it was ok.  I know she is working.  She said, "I will try to finish here soon. And come see you!"

She never got to finish, but she did come home and suck my dick twice.  Here are some of  the pics from the first time...

vanessa sucking my cock

vanessa swallowed all the cum

Vanessa leaves a little after 3...on her way back to work  she said..."That was wonderful! Thank you!!"  She thanked me!!! Yes!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Leftover Jizz

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Vanessa masturbating with a vibrator

Vanessa masturbates all the time.  Here she is on my bed with her vibrator.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

9 loads in 24 hours

At two in the morning Vanessa must have been horny and feeling naughty because she asked me to tell her to do something. I knew she wanted me to tell her to suck my cock and I wanted her to, but it was 2 a.m. so I just said, "come suck my dick."  Little did I know what I was in for...Vanessa sucks my Dick five times in a row and swallows every time. Then in the morning, one more time before she goes to work.

Vanessa has to be to work at eleven today day and I get a text when she was on her way to work saying..."I will have a lunch meeting today... and send you a picture"...Meaning that she wants to suck Alan's dick again in a meeting.

Around two in the afternoon Vanessa starts talking about how she wants to suck my dick.  I was turned on by it and was thinking about how much of my cum she swallowed last night.  I asked her if she realized that she swallowed six loads of cum in less than twelve hours.  Her response was..."I want more!!!"  I can't explain how much that turned me on.  I felt that horny warm feeling inside because I love hearing that she wants more!

Then I get this pic...
vanessa meaty pussy
Vanessa kept talking about how bad she wanted to suck my dick and how she was trying to think of a reason to leave so she could come home and do it.  I told her not to worry about it and that we could wait till she gets off work.  She would not stop with it.  Vanessa went to telling me how she loves cum and how yummy it is.  I was totally turned on at

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


It started out with a conversation about what she could do to please me.  I knew she liked girls so I said, another woman.  Vanessa excitedly agreed and said she would start looking for a girl.  But she never stopped guessing other things she could do.  After a lot of talk, I get out of her that she loves to suck cock and loves being told what to do.  I ask for an example and she responds by telling me if i was to tell her to fuck someone or suck some guys cock, she would.  That simple.

Vanessa told me more about how she likes to be told what to do...It really gets her off from what it sounds like. I didn't know really if I should believe her so I pressed a little more.  I know that she used to sleep with her boss Alan, who is married and I asked...So lets just say that I tell you to suck Alan's cock.  You will?  Without even asking any questions, she flat out said yes.

So the night before, we are talking.  Vanessa tells me she has some really naughty thoughts to share...Here is what she said. "I will just happen to be holding a cup of water... it will be empty. I suck Alan and let him cum in my mouth. I will act like I don't want to swallow and spit in the cup. Then take it home and pour it in my mouth and use his cum to suck your cock!"

I was speechless.  I could not believe what I was hearing come out of her mouth.  I was turned on so much by hearing her dirty thoughts and what she likes and wants to do.  I could not say no, but I still didn't think anything would happen.  The next morning I wake up to her lips wrapped around my dick.  I never stop her because I love it, and lets be honest, what guy would not like to wake up to that every morning?

Vanessa goes to work and starts messaging me about how horny she is and how bad she wants to suck my dick. "I want to suck it with a mouth full of cum!" She said. Then she asked..."You want me to suck cock this evening?"  I asked her if she wanted to, because it's completely up to her.  Vanessa replied with..."Of course I want to! I would love to suck some cock...fill a cup and come home to suck your cock with a mouth full of cum!  I think that it would be so hot to be filled with hot cum! his and yours!"

It was getting close to closing time and I asked Vanessa again if she wanted to because I wanted to make sure this was what she really wanted to do.  She replied with, "Fuck yeah!"  I told her to be fast and she said ok.  Five minutes later, Vanessa tells me she is done.  Apparently Alan's wife does not suck his dick so he gets off really fast.  Vanessa starts driving home and I ask how it was.  Here is the best part...she said, "Yummy!"