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Thursday, August 22, 2013

18" Dick Rambone

Vanessa fucks herself with her blue dildo and show some decent gape.  She then moves up to her 18" Dick Rambone dildo.

Vanessa takes a little to get it in and then slowly fucks herself with it.  You can tell that is a lot of cock.

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Vanessa playing with toys

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Blindfolded trust

I made Vanessa take off her clothes and I put a blindfold on.  I gave her a thick dildo, a vibrator, and told her to have fun while I recorded it.

Vanessa started out with the dildo moaning as she fucked herself with it.  Then she fired up her vibrator and held it to her clit while fucking the dildo.  She continues to play, and roughly eight minutes into it, I put my cock in her mouth.

Vanessa moans as she is sucking my cock while playing with her toys.  She looks so good with my cock in her mouth that I mount her and fuck her face, gagging her a little.  She is moaning the while time loving it.

I give Vanessa a little breather, then put my cock right back into her mouth.  I can't hold my load much longer and end up shooting on her face.

Vanessa fucks her dildo for the next few minutes and eventually gets off.  She has cum on her face the entire time.  At the end, I use my finger and feed Vanessa the rest of the cum that was on her face.

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Monday, August 19, 2013

I love showing off Vanessa

I especially love knowing that Vanessa's pictures and videos are available for the world to see.  Look at that meaty pussy.  You know you want it.

vanessa spread meaty pussy