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Friday, August 15, 2014

A flakey fuck

William was texting Vanessa tonight asking her for pictures.  They have been trying to hook up for a while but he lives kind of far away and is pretty flakey.  He does have a nice cock and isn't afraid to treat Vanessa like a slut, which I love. 

I mean, the first time William came over, he blew a huge load all over her face before leaving.  Then, three days later, he came over and pumped Vanessa's meaty pussy full of cum.  I especially love how he just kept fucking her until he shot another load all over her belly and chest.  His cum does taste good.  I know because I licked it off of her body and pussy!

So yeah, he's a flake, but that didn't stop me from having Vanessa send some enticing photos to him.

She first took a few selfies...I fucking love how hot her body looks!

Vanessa Cox selfie
Vanessa Cox nude selfie tits pussy
Vanessa Cox nude selfie tits pussy Vanessa Cox nude selfie tits pussy

Then, I told her to lay on the couch while I took a few more.

Vanessa Cox nude on couch
Vanessa Cox nude on couch

I hope William comes down to fuck her soon!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Cum loving slut

I just blew a hot load on Vanessa's face.  She is such a cumslut, I love it!

Vanessa Cox facial cumslut
Vanessa Cox facial cumslut


Double penetration?

Vanessa was riding my cock at one in the morning and we ended up doing a double vaginal penetration with my cock and her vibrator. 

perfect ass vibrator

I started talking dirty to her asking how she likes having two cocks in her at the same time.  Vanessa started fucking me harder and said, "It feels great, I wish they were both real!"  I wished they were both real too.  I would love to use Vanessa's slut body with another guy.  I want to see what kind of slut she would be.

I was so turned on thinking about DPing Vanessa that I shot my load in her pussy while she was riding me.  I don't think she even noticed because she just kept riding my cock and her vibrator.

I eventually pulled Vanessa off my cock and buried my face between her legs making sure to lick her clean.

nude slut spreads legs meaty pussy
nude slut spreads legs meaty pussy nude slut spreads legs meaty pussy

I love eating this sluts pussy!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Who doesn't love a strawberry?

A while back ago, I bought some strawberry flavored condoms for Vanessa.  I didn't know if she would ever use them, I think it was more for encouragement to fuck.  They have been sitting around for a little and I have not worn a condom for 20 years so I thought it would be fun to try one on Vanessa.

It's after midnight and I go back to the bedroom.  I hesitated at first thinking that I should put the condom on when I was about to fuck Vanessa, but then I realized that a real slut would just put the cock in her mouth and not question if it had a condom on it.  So I worked up a hard on and told her to come suck my cock.

Vanessa walked in the room and pulled her shirt down over her shoulders so her tits were exposed and then put my cock in her mouth. 

condom cock sucker slut
condom cock sucker slut

I made her suck it for a while but to be completely honest, the condom didn't feel like much at all.  I pulled Vanessa's head up and ripped the condom off as fast as I could before making her put my cock back in her mouth.

cock sucking slut

Vanessa's tits were hanging out so I had to get come pics...

cock sucking slut tits
cock sucking slut tits

I took one last picture of Vanessa with my cock in her mouth and told her to flip around and sit on my dick.

Vanessa Cox sucking cock
Vanessa Cox perfect ass riding cock

Look at the perfect fucking ass!  I then made her lay on her back while I fucked her from the side...

Slut getting fucked slut getting fucked

I could tell I was about to cum, so I drained my balls on her beautiful slut face.

facial cum slut
facial cum slut

I love a properly used slut!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Naked at night

It's three in the morning and I was going to bed.  I walk in the room and see Vanessa laying there half naked with her tits out.  I had to get some pictures.

vanessa sleeping slut tits vanessa sleeping slut tits
vanessa sleeping slut tits

Thanks Vanessa!