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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sloppy slut used

Vanessa was sitting on the couch rubbing and fingering her meaty pussy.  I shove my cock in her face and like all good sluts, she can't say no.

Vanessa spits all over my cock while sucking it, making a sloppy mess all over her face.  I love how the frothy saliva builds up around her lips!  I end up shooting a thick load of hot cum on her face and she uses my cum to finish rubbing her pussy to orgasm.


Saturday, January 18, 2014

Toys, fisting, sloppy blowjob, and facial

Vanessa is laying on the couch with her legs spread.  This is nothing new, this sluts legs are always spread for something or someone.

She starts out rubbing her meaty pussy and then fucks herself with a dildo while using a vibrator on her clit.  Vanessa then inserts a black double dong and jerks it off while fucking herself.

Vanessa beats on her meaty cunt for a little, then she folds the double dong in half so that she can insert and fuck both ends at the same time.  A little more lube is added and she jams her fist into her huge pussy.

Vanessa then fucks herself with her fist AND double dong at the same time!  I love watching this slut in action, she is such a filthy whore.

Eventually, Vanessa needs more size so she grabs her rubber fist and fucks it with her double dong at the same time.  I love seeing her gaping pussy as she pulls out her toys!

Vanessa finishes by fisting herself to orgasm while rubbing her meaty pussy.

At this point, Vanessa slides off the couch and gives me an extremely sloppy blowjob.  Three minutes and twenty-two seconds is all it takes for Vanessa to suck my cock off.  I shoot a huge load all over her face and Vanessa eats all that she can.

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Sloppy blowjob with facial and cumplay

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Vanessa self fisting

Vanessa plays with her meaty pussy and ends up fisting herself while using a vibrator.