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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Do You Want To Fuck It?

Vanessa was driving home from work and told me she had talked to Peter.  She wanted to fuck but he was going out with some friends and didn't know when he would be available.

Peter texts Vanessa as she was pulling into town and said he was not leaving for an hour.  He asked if she wanted to come over and have a quickie before he went out.  I told her what a slut she was and to have fun!

At 7:13pm Vanessa tells me she is there and can't wait to have his cock inside of her...

Exactly 15 minutes later, Vanessa tells me she is on her way home and I start getting pictures...

vanessa sucking cock

I love seeing her suck on that huge cock!

vanessa driving home after getting fucked

That big smile says "I just got fucked."

Vanessa walks in the door and I had to fuck her right away.  I pulled her clothes off and threw my dick in her.  She was DEFINITELY stretched out from fucking him.  I fucking love it!  Afterward, she told me what happened...

I wrote and told him I was coming over. I walked in and had to pee. When I came out of the bathroom, he met me in the hallway and started kissing me. Then I decided to suck his dick right there before moving to the living room couch, where I sucked him some more.

I stood over him and teased him with my pussy before sliding it in.  Slowly just putting in the tip for a second, and taking it out over and over.  I asked him if he wanted my pussy?  He said, "Yes."  I told him, "No, not like that. Do you WANT my pussy?  Do you want to FUCK IT?!"  He said, "FUCK YES!"  So I let him have it.  :)

I rode him for a few minutes while he pinched my nipples. Then, he turned me and bent me over the couch pounding me rough from behind, while  reaching over and grabbing my tits. I then sucked his dick again for him to cum, and he shot which totally missed me! Haha I tried to move forward for it, but he was starting to fall back so he kept moving and ended up shooting on the floor. I caught a little, and had to giggle. Told him it was cute. :)

I love how Vanessa teased him by just sliding in the tip of his dick.  All I can picture is her being a slut like this video below.