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Monday, May 31, 2010

Fuck my slut pussy!

Vanessa tells me that Peter said he has to work at 4pm and she wanted to go "see" him before he left. YES!  So with the camera in hand, she runs out the door to go get fucked.

On her way there she asked me where I would like him to cum because she wanted to take pictures of it. I thought about it, and she loves being a slut.  So what better way to show a slut appreciation by blowing your load all over her face?  Vanessa liked that idea. :)

She told me she was parking and would be there shortly.  I was so excited for her to get fucked, my heart was racing!  I absolutely love when she is with someone else.  I told her to take lots of pictures and to have fun.

Not even a minute later, my phone rings and it's Vanessa.  I answered and didn't say hello because I didn't know why she was calling me.  I found out real quick why she was calling. :)  For the next fifteen minutes, I got to listen to how big of a slut Vanessa really is.

The first minute or so was fairly quiet.  I could tell she was sucking his dick because I could hear her sucking away at it.

sloppy seconds slut vanessa sucking cock

Not too long after, I could hear some talking.  I could not make out what was said but I didn't really care. She was there to fuck and that's what happened next.  :)

sloppy seconds slut vanessa fucking peter sloppy seconds slut vanessa fucking peter
sloppy seconds slut vanessa getting fucked peter grabbing vanessa tits fucking
sloppy seconds slut vanessa fucking peter

Vanessa started moaning like crazy!  I can tell that she really loves his cock, and I love it when she gets fucked by it!  I would hear some talking here and there, barely making most of it out, but I did hear Peter call her a dirty little slut lol!  She responded by saying, "YES I AM A DIRTY LITTLE SLUT! Fuck my slut pussy!"

sloppy seconds slut vanessa fucking doggy sloppy seconds slut vanessa getting hair pulled

I had a raging hard on and could not wait to fuck her slutty used pussy myself!  I could hear how hard he was fucking her and she was saying, "Fuck That Cunt!" as if he was not fucking her hard enough already. :)

After almost fifteen minutes, I hear Vanessa say, "I want you to cum all over my face baby!"  He continues to fuck her hard for another minute then I'm pretty sure he blew his load all over her face. Shortly after the phone hangs up.

sloppy seconds slut vanessa facial sloppy seconds slut vanessa facial
sloppy seconds slut vanessa facial sloppy seconds slut vanessa facial

I could not wait to fuck this slut!!!

I get a text from Vanessa a minute later and she tells me she is on her way home.  I was so excited!!! Then Vanessa tells me that she still has cum on her face while she is driving home! All I knew was that I could not wait to be inside of her.

vanessa driving home with cum on her face vanessa driving home with cum on her face
(look closely and you can see dried cum on her face)

I had not seen any of the pics, but I knew I wanted to fuck her.  She walked in the door and handed me the camera.  I smelled sex on Vanessa like a lion smells the blood on a wounded animal.  She lifted up her skirt to show me her freshly fucked pussy while I snapped a few pictures.

vanessa flashing me after fucking peter vanessa flashing me after fucking peter
vanessa flashing me after fucking peter vanessa flashing me after fucking peter

I threw her down with uncontrolled passion and felt what Peter did to her pussy.  I would like to tell you that I fucked her for hours and violated her in every hole from every angle...but the truth is I slid my dick in her and was so turned on by her fucking Peter that I blew my load quite quickly.

my cock in vanessa after she fucked peter

sloppy seconds slut vanessa cum on body

sloppy seconds slut vanessa

Later, Vanessa told me in her words what really happened...

She told me a little more detail later on...feel free to read for yourself.

Well I walked in. He told me I looked really cute before he kissed me and put his hand up my skirt. His other hand firmly grabbed my tit. Then, he asked me if I had been fucked yet today.  When i said no, he looked disappointed.

I then set my purse down and dialed your number.  I kissed him and pulled down his pants to suck his dick. I sucked him nice and hard and I guess he could not take it so he pushed me back onto his futon and put his dick in me.

He spanked and pinched my nipples as he was telling me how he loved that I was there to be his dirty little slut doing whatever he wanted. I said yes and told him to fuck my slut pussy. That's when he choked me a little.  Then he flipped me over to pound me from behind.  It was fucking awesome! I love his cock honey!

He did me from behind and asked if I was going home to get my slut pussy fucked. I said yes while I told him to fuck my dirty cunt and cum on my face.

He was already fucking me hard and after I said that he went into like turbo mode lol! I could tell he was about to lose it so I turned around for him to shoot all over my face. :)   It was yummy!!!  I am his little cum slut he called me. Lol AWESOME!!!

He asked me if I was going to go home with cum on my face. I laughed and said of course. Lol!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Swollen Pussy

The Next day, Vanessa came home from work and showed me how swollen her pussy was from peter and me fucking her so hard.

Later that night, she was trying to fuck Peter again! I love it!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Missing Fact

Vanessa had been talking to Peter throughout the day and she told him her night was free if he wanted to fuck.  He said he would text her if he was available. We didn't really know if we would hear from him or not.

Not knowing didn't stop Vanessa from getting horny. She was telling me all the things she wanted to do if she got to go over there. "Maybe a really sloppy tit fuck with lots and lots of spit on my face and tits. Then, I will open my legs and make him pump me full of cum!"  Knowing that she even thinks like that, there was no way I could say no.

Around 9:30pm Vanessa tells me that Peter texted her and that she wants to go over there.  I absolutely LOVE fucking her after she fucks another guy!  Her pussy gets so sloppy wet and stretched out, I love it! I told her to go and she was out the door and on her way.

I was so turned on when she was driving over!  I told her to stay as long as she wanted and to keep sucking him hard again after he shot his load. Peter had mentioned earlier that it would have to be quick because he may have some friends stopping by.  I told her to let them all do what they wanted to her and she loved the idea.  I told Vanessa I wanted her coming home dripping with cum and smelling like sex!

Vanessa told me she arrived at 9:44pm and I told her to call me when she was getting fucked so I could listen.  She didn't respond so I figured she was already busy haha.  I sat waiting, knowing she was out fucking, not sure if she would text me back, call, or even if I would hear from her.  I was horny and I texted her to beg him to fill her up with cum.

Fifteen minutes pass, then twenty.  I'm starting to think she isn't checking her phone because she is busy lol.  Twenty six minutes into it at 10:11pm, my phone rings.

I answer and I can hear her getting fucked and moaning like crazy!  I could hear their bodies slapping together and Peter slapping her ass.  She says, "Cum all over me baby!" and a few minutes later I listen to him blow his load all over Vanessa.  

I think she started to suck his dick again because I could hear her sucking while she told him how great it was. :)  A minute later, the phone hangs up. Shortly after Vanessa texts me saying she is on her way home.

When Vanessa walked in the door I could not contain myself.  I completely pounded the hell out of her pussy over and over.  While pausing to suck on her clit and getting a mouthful of the load Peter filled her up with!  I would either shoot my load in her and just keep fucking, or blow all over her body and face and then just throw my dick right back in her.  After we were done, she asks me if I wanted to see the pics! LOL Hell yes i do!!!

Vanessa told me what happened while I looked at the pictures...

"I got there and he kissed me right away. Then, I dropped my pants and he had me turn around and bend over so he could play with my ass and rub his dick on it."

"Next, I got on my knees and sucked his dick while drooling on my tits."

sloppy seconds slut vanessa sucking cock
sloppy seconds slut vanessa sucking cock

"After they were wet enough, I told him to fuck them. So he did until he could hardly handle not being in me."

sloppy seconds slut vanessa tit fuck sloppy seconds slut vanessa tit fuck

"We fucked on the floor doggy, then he rolled me over and fucked me on my back before moving to the couch."  (You can see she still has rugburn from last time on her back!)

(The part that I love is that before they moved to the couch to fuck...he blew his load inside of her and took this picture.  I love how she left that part out lol!)

"After sitting on the couch I sucked him some more."

"We then took a break so I could check my phone. He started touching me again. So I called you and made him put his dick in me again. He fucked me on my side till he came all over my chest and tummy for the second time. The first time was before I moved up to the couch."

I love how Vanessa left out the fact the "first time" he blew his load inside her, but I found that out on my own lol!