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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve blowjob

Vanessa sucking my cock on Christmas Eve.

I love how this slut gets up at the 5:20 mark, rides my cock for a little bit, and then cleans off her pussy juice by putting my dick right back in her mouth to finish me off.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Warming up Vanessa for another guy

Vanessa invited Collegeboy Hugecock over to fuck her.  He was on his way over and I could tell she was horny. She gets on her hands and knees and sticks her ass up in the air saying, "Come play with me before he gets here."

My dick was already hard because I was excited that she was about to get fucked. I pulled her skirt up and over her ass and moved her panties to the side. I fingered her pussy a little and spread it open before putting my cock in her mouth and making her suck on it a little. I heard her phone beep which meant that Collegeboy Hugecock was here. Literally two minutes after this video, Vanessa was on the couch fucking her him while I waited for my turn. I love this slut!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Destroyed Pussy

I walk in the door from work and out of the corner of my eye, I catch a glimpse of Vanessa running into the bedroom.  I kind of follow her in there to change my clothes and as I walk in, she quickly turns around and appears to be hiding something behind her back.  "Hey", she says.  "I have been waiting for you to come home."  Then, Vanessa kisses me.

The first thing I smell on her breath was cock.  She knew I smelled it.  I slide my hand down her pants to investigate.  Her pussy was super wet.  Vanessa tells me to wait and says "Look what I found" as she reveals what she was hiding behind her back.  A huge load in a condom.

cum condom slut

Before I could even speak, she tells me to take pictures while she drinks it.  Judging by how unrolled the condom was...Vanessa just fucked a HUGE cock.  I love it!

slut drinking cum from condom slut drinking cum from condom
slut drinking cum from condom

Of course she has to show us the before and after of swallowing.

cum in my mouth

Vanessa continues to lick out as much cum as she possibly can.

condom slut

Finally done.  This one is my favorite.  She looks so slutty, I love it!

Vanessa throws the condom on the bed and I ask her where it came from.  Her shorts were already unbuttoned from when I felt her pussy so she just pulled them down while jumping on the bed saying, "Why don't you fuck me while I tell you about it."

I slid my cock into Vanessa and INSTANTLY, I could feel the damage he did to her pussy.  I fucking LOVE it!  

Vanessa first tells me not to worry and that it's someone we know.  I guess that was a bit of a relief but I really didn't care because all of the blood in my brain was in my cock LOL.

I am eventually told that it was Collegeboy Hugecock from a couple months ago when we tried doing bukkake.  You can read about what happened here.

If you are out there Collegeboy Hugecock, feel free to fuck Vanessa anytime you want!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Number 46

Vanessa and I were talking a few days earlier about how many dicks she thinks she has had in her mouth. She started out by saying twenty or more, which shocked me, I thought it would be more.  Then, she said 28 and maybe a few more.

A few, I'm thinking three.  Either way it didn't seem like a lot.  So I ask her how many is a few...Vanessa said to give her a little more time to think and she would count all of them up.  I explained that if it was only a few then to not worry about it.

A minute later she says,"Well it might be like fifteen!"  Vanessa said that the total she can remember is 43.  Then, I find out that does not include me or her boss Alan.  So I'm number 45!

Vanessa continued to tell me how 30+ of those she sucked at least ten times, and a dozen of them, a few hundred times!  I needed to do the math haha!

So 45 total cocks have been in her mouth.  12 of which have been sucked off at least 300 times.  3600 so far...and I am assuming the minimum, I mean she has blown me over 500 times but I am keeping myself counted as one in the 300 category.   Next, 30 guys times 10...Alan fits in this section, but she has blown him over 40 times so you can see how accurate this is lol.  3900, oh wait +3 for the 3 extra guys for a grand total of 3,903 blowjobs that Vanessa has given.  Infuckingcredible!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Suck my balls Slut!

I told Vanessa to get on her knees and suck my cock...

vanessa cock sucking slut

I told her what a slut she is and made her suck my sweaty balls.

Vanessa put my cock back in her mouth.

I asked her what she was doing and told her to put my balls back in her dirty mouth.

You have to love what an obedient slut Vanessa is!

The cum starts flying!

I love this slut!

Teasing On The Bed

Vanessa loves knowing that men all across the world jerk their cocks to her, myself included.

legs spread on bed
grabbing my tits
tits out hand down my panties stupid slut

my meaty pussy

Anyone want to fuck this slut?

Monday, September 14, 2009

Glasses and Pigtails Blowjob

I absolutely love watching Vanessa wrap her lips around a cock.  A true master at work.  That's what years and years of practice will get you.

slut sucking cock cumslut sucking cock
I love eating cum cumslut mouthful of cum

Another hot load of cum down the hatch.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I had a brand new hard drive crash on me three days after this happened.  Sadly, I was only to recover 43 of the pictures, so I am only working with what I have available.

Three weeks ago, Vanessa and I were out having some drinks and playing pool at a bar.  It was kind of a sports bar so there were football games on TV.  I don't remember exactly who was playing but I do remember a blocked field goal attempt that led to the whole bar cheering.  I specifically remember this because there was a guy playing pool on the table next to ours who, during the blocked field goal, yelled, "IN YOUR FACE LIKE BUKKAKE!!!"

The second he yelled that, half the people in the bar got silent and stared at this guy.  You could tell they all have been on the internet and have seen bukkake before by their reaction.  Inside I was roflmao, then Vanessa turns to me and asks, "What is bukkake?"  After a brief explanation, I just tell her that I will show her when we get home.

Later that night, the first thing Vanessa says to me when we walk in the door is, "Are you going to show me bukkake?"  I laughed and grabbed a piece of paper and wrote, "Bukkake," on it and said, "Go Google it."  I thought it would be hilarious to see her reaction.

Not more then five minutes later I hear her yell, "I want to try this!!"  I could not believe what I was hearing!  We talked about it and she wanted me to find guys on craigslist to "try" it out.

So, three weeks later and dozens of craigslist ads placed, we finally found 15-20 guys that said they could make it.  We planned for a Saturday around 3pm.

The day finally comes and I could tell Vanessa was excited.  She spent all morning trying to decide what to wear and playing with her hair and makeup.  Only to end up in pigtails, a bra, and a necklace.  No panties or anything.

We told everyone to show up at 2:30pm and were locking the door at 3.  Not far after 2:30 we hear a knock at the door.  Vanessa was sitting on the couch in a bra only, so I answer the door to see two college age kids.  I am guessing 21-24 years old, roommates apparently.  A blonde kid who we invited and his buddy.  I wasn't too worried about him inviting his friend so I let them both in.

The blonde guy one walked in and instantly sat on the couch next to Vanessa.  His roommate seemed like the shy one and just kind of stood around, checking things out.  They began talking and introducing themselves to one another while I was in the other room trying to get things set up.

Over the next twenty minutes a few more arrive.  A mid 30's looking guy in blue jeans, another college age almost frat looking guy, and an older gentleman I would say in his mid 40's.

Vanessa was definitely keeping them entertained because every time I would walk past to answer the door, their eyes were all glued to her.  The blonde college kid was actually rubbing her leg and I think I caught a glimpse of Vanessa rubbing his cock through his kakis.

I go outside to smoke a cigarette and wait for the others to show up.  Five minutes into it two of the guys come outside to join me.  They were asking all kinds of funny questions...How often do we do this?...How much does she like it?...Can they have sex with her too?  Too!? I thought.  What did they mean by too?

Just as I was thinking about it another guy pulls up and walks up to join us.  He looked maybe late 20's, nicely dressed.  I head in to check the time and it's a few minutes till 3.  Almost time to lock the door.

I go in the bedroom and call Vanessa in so we can make sure nothing looks weird behind the black background.  Vanessa was listening to them talking in the living room and I could not help overhearing what was said either.

bukkake blowjob cumslut

"Her pussy is awesome!  I can't wait to fuck her again!"  Then I look at Vanessa who has a half nervous smile on her face and ask, "Did you fuck him?" 

She gets a big smile on her face and tells me that while I was outside smoking, the blonde guy was talking about how huge his cock was.  So...she asked to see it. 

bukkake blowjob cumslut

Vanessa then begins rubbing her pussy while telling me more.  "I just rode him on the couch for a couple minutes while he sucked on my tits haha."

Apparently, if you have a huge cock, just show it to Vanessa.  She can't say no.

I yell at the guys and tell them that we are almost ready to do this.  Vanessa is already looking at their cocks licking her lips.

bukkake blowjob cumslut

The "Shy" roommate guy walks over with his cock out and Vanessa leans forward to put it in her mouth.  I had to tell them that I wasn't quite ready yet lol, but it was hilarious how bad she wanted it.

We all had a little laugh and I told her to open her legs so that I could get another few pictures.

bukkake blowjob cumslut

So we are finally ready to go.  I ask Vanessa if she is ready and she said, "Oh yeah!"  The shy guy was still waiting and just steps up with his cock hanging out of his pants.  Vanessa looked at me for a second as if to say, "Am I allowed to suck this?"  Then slut instinct kicked in and away she goes.

bukkake blowjob cumslut
bukkake blowjob cumslut bukkake blowjob cumslut

He blew his load in minutes, right down her throat.  I'm not sure this guy knows what bukkake is, LOL!  Vanessa showed us the remainder of his load, then squeezed it out while blowing a kiss to the camera.  Thanks honey!

bukkake blowjob cumslut bukkake blowjob cumslut

Next, the guy who showed up last was up.  He was already to pop when he stepped up and quickly shot his load.  Vanessa had cum dripping off her chin and blew a kiss to the college kid she fucked earlier on the couch as if to tell him he was next.

bukkake blowjob cumslut sloppy seconds

He steps up and Vanessa grabs his cock and begins to put it in her mouth.  She stops right at the tip, put it up to her nose and smells his cock.  "Mmmmmmmm, smells like my pussy."  We all had a laugh then she began to suck him off.

bukkake blowjob cumslut sloppy seconds cum swallow

He shot a huge load in her mouth that filled her mouth and was running down the corner of her mouth.  Vanessa pushed the rest out and started laughing.  You could really tell she was enjoying herself.

bukkake blowjob cumslut sloppy seconds cum swallow bukkake blowjob cumslut sloppy seconds cum swallow

Vanessa grabs some of the cum that was on her face and started rubbing her pussy, using it as lube.

bukkake blowjob cumslut sloppy seconds cum swallow bukkake blowjob cumslut sloppy seconds cum swallow

Then she spreads her legs open and asks who wants to fuck her.  Of course then all laugh and say they want to.

bukkake blowjob cumslut sloppy seconds cum swallow bukkake blowjob cumslut sloppy seconds cum swallow

Vanessa takes another load, holds it in her mouth, and says, "I want to swallow all three at once, so who's next?"  The guy in blue jeans jumps up there next and drains his balls in her mouth, then shortly after the last college guy.

Vanessa showed off the three loads in her mouth, it was literally full and almost coming out.  Then...Gulp!

bukkake blowjob cumslut sloppy seconds cum swallow bukkake blowjob cumslut sloppy seconds cum swallow

She let out a big "Aaaaaaaaaaaaa," and said, "All gone hahaha!"

bukkake blowjob cumslut sloppy seconds cum swallow

Vanessa thanks everyone and says that she wants to get cleaned up.  Everyone starts to make their way back into the living room and I see Vanessa mouth to the college guy with the huge cock, "Stay here."  She made sure I saw it then whispered in my ear, "Can I fuck him real fast?"

"Of course!" I whispered back.  The SECOND I said that, she threw herself on the bed while pulling collegeboy hugecock down on top of her.

I quickly escorted everyone out the door and all but ran back to watch Vanessa fuck this huge cock.  I have never heard her moan like this before, she was clearly enjoying herself.  The best way I can describe it is in the video below.

He only fucked her for a minute or two before blowing his load all over her.  Her whole body was shaking when it was over.

I let him out and told him he should stop by again because it was obvious Vanessa loved his cock.  I walk back in the bedroom and Vanessa is laying there still shaking with cum still all over her face and body.  I had to slide my dick in her.

She was laying on her side and I just grabbed her leg and made her spread for me.  Vanessa's pussy was so stretched open from his cock that there was still a gaping hole.  Without hesitation, I slid my dick in and I knew she couldn't feel it.

I was so turned on by fucking her loose, stretched out pussy.  She said, "I just sucked six cocks hahaha!"  I could totally smell cock and cum on her breath.  Vanessa then opened her mouth and wiggled her tongue at me and told me to kiss her.  Which was basically her grabbing my head and pulling it down while she stuck her tongue in my mouth.

I couldn't hold it any longer and blew another load on her face, which she happily gobbled down.  I can't wait for collegeboy hugecock to fuck her again!