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Monday, June 1, 2009

Running Errands

Today Vanessa was out running errands and I get a text saying "My pussy is nice and wet! Lol!".  I knew right away that she wanted to suck someones cock but I wanted to see what she was going to say so I just replied with, "oh yeah?"  Vanessa then tells me how she is going to finish running her errands and go suck Alan's cock before she comes home.  I was hard instantly. I get so turned on when she sucks cock!

Ten minutes later she arrives and tells me there is still one more employee there.  Half a minute later she just says, "Now!"  I fucking loved it!  Thinking about how her beautiful mouth is wrapped around another cock!  I love what a little slut she is!  Eight minutes know what she said.  "Done."  I almost lost it.  Of course I had to ask her how it was and she said, "Yummy!"  I can't explain how much that turns me on.

boss's cock in my mouth getting a mouthful of hot yummy cum

She told me she swallowed his load and could not wait to come home to suck my cock!

boyfriend sloppy seconds blowjob sloppy seconds blowjob
cum in my mouth I love cum

I love this little slut!