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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Pussy stretching 05-22-2018

I love how Vanessa's Boss Hogg toys leaves her pussy meat laying wide open.

Such a perfect pussy!

Saturday, May 12, 2018

A blast from the past

Today, Vanessa got a random text from one of her old fuck buddies William.  Vanessa first started fucking him back in 2010.  Then he came over a few days later and fucked her again.

We didn't hear from him again till 2016 when he came over and pounded the fuck out of her pussy.

Then, like I said, Vanessa gets a random text today from him.  William said that he would be in town and wanted to know if Vanessa wanted to get together.  She totally did buy was bleeding and told William that she would suck his dick if he wanted.

Of course he did, and she gave me sloppy seconds right after he left!

Watching her suck two cocks in a row and swallowing both loads of cum really makes me appreciate how much of a real slut this girl is!!  :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Cyclops pullout

Vanessa pulling out her massive Cyclops dildo.  It's 3.5 inches wide and leaves her pussy a gaping mess.

I fucking love it!

Pussy stretching 05-09-2018

Vanessa ruining her pussy like she does every day.

I fucking love her huge meaty pussy!!

Perfect slut in every way

Vanessa is the perfect slut and I will never get enough of this girl.

ALWAYS down to fuck.

Doesn't know how to say no.

I fucking LOVE her chubby little belly!

Those sexy "fuck me" eyes...

and her round little fat ass!

Vanessa's tits are also fucking perfect!

Squeeze them together slut!

I fucking love this picture.  Such a perfect slut!

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Stretched out pussy fucking

Vanessa was fucking her Boss Hogg dildo and right after she pulled it out, I started to eat her pussy.  I love tongue fucking her when she is super stretched out.  It eventually became to much and I had to put my cock in Vanessa.

I had her climb on top and ride me.  Vanessa was doing what I call the "ride and grind."

Within a few minutes I could tell I was about to cum.  I grabbed Vanessa's hips and forced her down on my cock so that she had to take my load of cum in her pussy.

Vanessa's reaction was awesome.  Once she felt me filling her pussy with cum she says, "Oh yeah?"

She then starts to what looks like get up and let my cum drip out of her.  Instead, she says, "You are going to suck that out of me."

Vanessa puts her hand over her pussy so no cum leaks out and then quickly straddles my face.  She is looking down at me and takes her hand away from her pussy.  A huge glob of cum hits my chin and drips down my neck.  Without hesitation, Vanessa licks the cum up my neck and off my chin saying, "Yummy."

She then looks back down at me and says, "Now lick it clean."

I licked her pussy like it was the last one on earth!  I was so horny that I started jerking off while eating her pussy.  Vanessa told me to "Jerk that cock and cum in my mouth."

I did exactly what she wanted!  When I was about to cum Vanessa quickly put her mouth over my cock and swallowed every drop.

I fucking love this slut!

Pussy stretching 05-08-2018

It's been a minute since I uploaded pics of Vanessa stretching her pussy.  She still does it daily, I just haven't gotten pictures for a while.


Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Close up Vanessa vs Bam

This Bam dildo is pretty fucking massive.  It's almost three inches thick and Vanessa takes it with no problem at all.

18 inch Dick Rambone

I remember when Vanessa first got this 18 inch Dick Rambone dildo.  She thought it was huge and could barely get it in.  Years later, her huge pussy swallows it up like it's the smallest of cocks.