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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Disappearing act

It's one in the morning and we just got home from the bar.  Vanessa tells me that she is going to get ready for bed and disappears into the bedroom.

Normally, I can hear her changing clothes and getting ready but I didn't hear the usual sounds.  After a few minutes, I head to the bedroom to find Vanessa completely naked and fucking her Rambone dildo.

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Look at that gaping hole...I love this slut!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

The after gape

Four days ago Vanessa let her ex-boyfriend fist her pussy, then fuck her.  It's now Saturday, and she is on the couch with her legs spread, fucking some of her giant dildos.

I love seeing how these huge toys destroy Vanessa's pussy.  I especially love getting pics of her gape right after she has pulled out one of her giant toys.

First, Rambone.

Rambone is generally what she starts with, but I still love how her pussy takes a while to close up when she pulls it out.

Next up is her Belladonna's Bitch Fist

This one always leaves her pussy wide open after using it.

Then, she pumps up her XXL inflatable dildo.

The gape pic is a little blurry but DAMN.  I LOVE how big her pussy hole is in this pic!

This last toy I don't think has a proper name.  It's just under 3.5 inches wide and really tears up Vanessa's pussy.

The gape pic didn't do this toy justice.  I promise to get a better one in the future. 

Anyway, here is Vanessa pulling open her giant, stretched out, used, pussy.  I love it!

pulling pussy open