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Monday, December 8, 2014

Love hole

Just got a great shot of Vanessa's slut hole being spread wide open.

I love thinking about how many cocks that wonderful pussy has serviced.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Suck the cock slut

I love that I can literally tell Vanessa to suck my cock at any time and she just does it.  Having an on-call whore that will drain your balls on command is what every guy needs.

"Suck the cock slut."

cock sucking whore cock sucking slut
mouthful of cock

"Look at me while I pump your mouth full of cum."

slut cock sucker

"Show me that cum in your whore mouth."

cum in mouth

"Swallow it like a good slut."

cum in sluts mouth cum swallow slut

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Fucking Vanessa's loose hole

Vanessa was stretching her pussy out with some of her big toys.  My favorite is seeing her gaping hole right when she pulls a toy out of her pussy.

Great American Dildo Challenge gape

Bam dildo gape

big toy in pussy

XXL inflatable dildo gape

inflatable dildo

I had to put my dick in that huge cunt!

meaty pussy getting fucked
loose meaty pussy fuck

I love the bored look on Vanessa's face.  I asked Vanessa if she could even feel my cock.  Vanessa said, "Not at all."  It turns me on that she can't feel my cock in her but, she still takes the dick like a good slut.

bored slut tits

I take her bra off and suck on her tits a little.

I love looking down at Vanessa and seeing her perfect tits and soft stomach.

I started thinking about how many cocks have drained their balls on Vanessa's body.  I had to cover it with another hot load of cum.

cum on vanessa

Vanessa's laying there with her legs spread and cum all over her body...I can't help but think of how many other guys have been in this exact situation with Vanessa looking up at them.

cum on vanessa's body

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Giant dildo = gaping pussy

Vanessa stretching out her huge pussy with another giant dildo.  I love her gaping hole of a pussy.

I had to get a little video of Vanessa abusing her pussy.

Then a couple pictures of her gaping pussy being pulled open.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

He fucked me right in that hole

It's been two day since Vanessa fucked Peter and I am still blown away by it.  She was laying on the bed playing with her vibrator so I got some pictures of her used, meaty pussy.

I licked Vanessa's pussy while thinking about Peter's cock being inside of her.  I wanted to see exactly where his cock was, so I spread her open a little to get a better look.

I asked Vanessa, "Is this where his cock was?  Right in this hole?"

Vanessa said, "Yeah, he fucked me right in that hole."

She then reaches around her hips, and pulls her pussy wide open. 

Vanessa says, "This hole was completely wrapped around his giant, sweaty cock and he filled it with his cum."

OMFG!  I love when she talks dirty!  I told Vanessa to keep her pussy spread open while I pulled out my cock and slid it in.  I said, "I love fucking your used pussy."

Vanessa replies with, "And I love getting my pussy used."

I told Vanessa what a slut I think she is and that she needs a load of cum on her face.  She agreed so that's exactly what I gave the little slut.

I honestly love how trashy she looks with cum on her face in these pictures.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sloppy seconds!!!

Vanessa walked in the door around 3:30pm today.  Even though it's been fifteen hours since Peter's cock was in her, I still needed sloppy seconds!

She walked back to the bedroom to put her stuff away and I was right behind her.  I am pretty sure Vanessa knew I was there because she dropped her stuff, lifted her skirt and jumped on the bed with her legs spread.

I pulled her panties to the side and instantly could see the damage that Peter did to Vanessa's pussy.  Her pussy hole was wide open like it couldn't close properly from Peter pounding the fuck out of it with his huge cock.

Looking at that huge hole I couldn't help myself.  The first thing I did was tongue fuck her hole.  It was so wide open that it wasn't much of a fucking, it was more like a small car driving through a tunnel haha!

Vanessa's pussy REAKED of cock and cum and I could not resist telling her.  I said, "Your pussy smells like cock and tastes like cum."  Vanessa laughed and said, "Those are the same panties I put on right after he filled me with cum.  I slept in,  and wore them all day while they soaked up his cum... and didn't wash my pussy this morning either.  I knew you would lick me clean."

I pull my face back from tongue fucking her and flip over her panties to see what they looked like.  There was definitely cum soaked into them.  I put my nose and lips up to Vanessa's panties.  They still felt wet up against my lips.  I buried my nose deep into them and took a large inhale.  "You like that?"  Vanessa asked.  "Fuck yeah!"  I said, and then went back to eating her pussy.

I inserted one finger and fished cum out of Vanessa's pussy making sure to lick it clean.  I could not take it any more, I needed to feel her huge used pussy.

I stand up and slide my cock in.  WOW!  It's hard to explain what it felt like.  It was like my cock was moving more side to side than in and out LOL!

Vanessa saw the look on my face when I first slid my cock in her.  She said, "You like that?"  Fuck yes I did!  I told Vanessa how I could not believe how loose her pussy still was even fifteen hours later.

I fucked the shit out her huge, loose, pussy for over an hour while telling her what I wonderful slut I think she is.  Damn, I love this slut!!!

Did the slut get fucked?

I woke up this morning and started getting texts from Vanessa.  The first thing she said was, "My mom asked how my night was!"  I didn't know what to say..."What did you tell her?" I said.

Vanessa said, "I told her what you said...that I am your slut and you like me to fuck other guys."

"It was funny how she asked me, she literally said, "How was YOUR night?  Did the SLUT get FUCKED?  She heard me telling Peter to fuck his slut! LOL!"

I was speechless.  I didn't really think her mom would ask or did I think Vanessa would tell her the truth.

Vanessa told me how her mom was asking questions like how often she fucks and how many different guys..."I told her I fuck anyone I want and love it! LOL!!  She asked about you and I told her that you love sloppy seconds.  Of course, I had to then explain what sloppy seconds is LOL!"

So, now Vanessa's mom knows that I am a cuckold and that her daughter is a total slut.  Hilarious!

I still can't wait for Vanessa to come home so I can fuck her!

Vanessa caught fucking

It's 1AM and Vanessa just fucked Peter in her mom's basement while she was upstairs sleeping!!!

It all started last night.  Vanessa was texting Peter trying to get him to come over for a blowjob in the driveway.  He ended up being too drunk so it never happened.

Tonight she was texting him and he said he was at work and would not get off till 11:30.  I asked Vanessa what she was planning on doing and she said, "My mom is here so probably just a blowjob in the car."

I really wanted Vanessa to fuck him, I mean his cock is huge and it destroys the fuck out of her pussy.  Plus, she does like being told what to do, so I just flat out told her to take him downstairs and fuck him.

I could tell that she didn't like that idea and was worried about her mom waking up or hearing Vanessa in the basement fucking.  I really didn't care if her mom heard anything.  I said, "I don't care if your mom hears you fucking.  If she asks, tell her you are my slut and you can fuck anyone you want."  Vanessa replies with, "LOL OK!!!"

At this point I didn't even know if Peter was going to show up.  He wasn't off work yet and Vanessa wasn't telling me what they were talking about.  Then at 11:44 I get a text from Vanessa saying, "He is coming here!"

My mind was going 1000 mph!  I was soooooo turned on, excited, nervous, and horny!

At 12:08 Vanessa told me Peter was there and that she would text me later.  I could not wait for my little slut to get fucked!

I didn't hear from Vanessa again until 12:49.  She started sending me pics and told me what happened...

"I answered the door and took him downstairs so we could fuck.  When we got downstairs I turned around and his cock was already out so I got on my knees and put it in my mouth.  I sucked it for a while and spit all over it and tried to get it nice and wet."

"I then stood up and took off all of my clothes while jerking his cock.  I laid down in front of him and spread my legs so he would fuck me but he slid down and ate my pussy for a while.  I remember thinking about how huge his cock is while he was licking me so I told him to put a few fingers in me."

"He started out fingering me with two and seemed a little shy to put more in.  I couldn't even feel it so I reached down and grabbed his hand and forced four of his fingers in me.  I was basically holding his wrist like a dildo and making him fuck me hard with it."

"After a little he caught on so I grabbed his head and pushed his face on my pussy.  It felt so good to have him fingering me and eating my pussy at the same time!  I was moaning so loud that I forgot that my mom was sleeping upstairs! LOL"

"I needed his cock in me so sat up and spit all over his cock and told him to fuck me.  He started out nice and slow, playing with my tits and sliding his cock deep inside of me.  It felt great!"

"I told him to fuck me harder and he did not hesitate one second.  He started pounding my pussy like a jackhammer!  Our bodies were slapping together and I was moaning like crazy!"

"I told him to tell me when he needed to blow so I could eat it.  He laughed and told me that I was a good little slut.  I told him to fuck me harder and he went back to pounding my pussy.  His cock is awesome and had me moaning so loud!  I kept telling him to fuck his slut lol!"

"A couple minutes later I hear some creaking like someone is walking around upstairs.  I pulled Peter into me to make him stop fucking so I could hear what was going on.  The timing could not have been worse because I feel my pussy being filled with cum while trying to hear what was going on upstairs.  I then hear my mom start to walk down the stairs to the basement."

"I quickly push Peter off of me and run toward the stairs.  I look around the corner and my mom is standing at the top of the landing.  I have no clothes on, I'm covered in sweat, smell like sex, and have cum dripping down my leg."

"It was totally obvious what I was doing but she ignored the fact that she just caught me fucking someone else that isn't you in the basement.  She told me that she heard something and I told her it was me, then she went back to bed."

"Peter was still standing there so I walk over to him and tell him it's ok.  Then, I wipe the cum off my legs and pussy and smear it all over his cock and suck it for a minute.  I thanked him and he said it was all his pleasure lol!  We got dressed then I walked him out."

Is this girl perfect or what?

I told Vanessa how great of a slut she is and to send me a picture of her sweaty tits...

I can't wait to hear what Vanessa tells her mom in the morning!

Friday, November 14, 2014

William the flake

Vanessa has been gone since the 9th and what I found interesting is how she has been texting William since the first night she left.  The guy has always been a flake so her idea was if she invited him over every night that maybe he would eventually show up to fuck her.  Well it's day number 6 and he still has yet to show up.  I told Vanessa to send him a picture of her tits and see if it helps the situation.

William never showed up once again...I think we are done with him even though it was fun while it lasted!