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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I Am Fucking!

The first time Vanessa fucked Peter, he called her a slut.  I thought it may have hurt her feelings so I asked her how she felt about it.  I was completely shocked when she told me she loved it.  I asked her if she was joking and Vanessa told me how she has always loved the feeling of letting people use her body.  She said that on the inside she has always known she was a slut and it has never bothered her. In fact, she said she loves it!  I guess I can't complain about that! :)

So now, whenever she is horny and wants to fuck him, she tells me she wants to be a slut.  It always turns me on thinking about Vanessa getting used, eating hot cum, and just being a slut in general. Unfortunately, because of work schedules and time, Vanessa does not get to be the slut she wants to be as often as she would like.  Today she was in luck.

I knew from the beginning of the day that Vanessa was horny.  She told me how she was going to see if Peter was available for after she gets off work.  The whole day she talked about how she wanted to wear a skirt and dress slutty for him.  LOL Vanessa was asking ME what I thought she should wear to go fuck another guy!  What a tease!!!

We talked about it and she decided on a skirt with no panties and a white business shirt with no bra...HOT!

She grabbed her blue dildo and went and sat on the couch.  I asked what she was doing and Vanessa said, "I am stretching out my pussy so he treats me like a slut!  Haha I want him to tell me I am a loose slut while he is fucking me!"  I could not wait!

I had to take a few pictures of her pussy before it got fucked for the night...

dildo fucking

A few minutes later, she walks in the bathroom.  I figured she was still waiting for Peter to text her and didn't really think anything of it.  A short time passes and she comes out of the bathroom wearing a mini skirt and a white long sleeve button up shirt.  Vanessa said, "Want pictures before I go get fucked?" Of course I did!!!

sloppy seconds slut flashing tits

After I take the pictures, she kisses me and says she will be home in a while.

On the way there Vanessa was telling me how she could not wait to get pounded and treated like a slut. She told me that if she was able to, she would text or call me while she was getting fucked!  What a naughty girl!!!

Next thing I know, Vanessa tells me she is there.  I told her to have the waiting begins...

Fifteen minutes into it, she sends me this picture.

Seven minutes later I get this...

Then, Vanessa texts me saying, "I am fucking!"  I kinda figured she was, I mean she HAD been there for 23 minutes lol!

Thirty minutes after arriving, Vanessa tells me she was on her way home.  While I was waiting for her to get home she was texting me about what happened...

"I sucked his dick. Then he fucked me on my back. We moved to doggy while he pulled my hair and spanked me! Telling me I was a dirty slut!  Then he bent me over the kitchen counter and fucked me. Finally, he came in my mouth and then collapsed. Lol!  I will tell you everything when I get home!"

I could not wait to fuck her!!!  She tells me to have the camera ready to take pictures for  when she walks in the door.  She wanted me to have before and after pictures of her being a slut hahaha!

Vanessa walks in and starts undressing while I am taking pictures.

ready for my sloppy seconds

I was sitting in a chair and REALLY wanted to eat her pussy.  I grabbed Vanessa from behind, turned her around  and pulled her close.  I forcefully lifted up her skirt and was instantly hit with a wave of semen and twat myst!  I knew that he had to cum inside of her.  I threw her on the bed and buried my face between her legs.  Not only did her pussy smell like cum, but half of it was now in my mouth.  He definitely blew his load in her.

I think she was afraid to tell me that he blew his load inside of her because I climbed on top of her and as I was sliding my dick in her stretched out pussy.  I said, "You are a fucking slut, he filled you with cum. Didn't he...?"  Vanessa gave me this look like she did something wrong and said, "Is that ok?"  I didn't say anything, I started pounding her pussy as hard and as fast as I could.

Vanessa started breathing really heavy and moaning. She said, "He did cum in me, I am such a dumb slut!" I could not hold it after that!  I pulled out and shot my cum all over her face.  It was in her hair, dripping off her chin, and all over her lips.  I told her what a slut she was and we laughed, then I went right back to fucking her again.

Her lips were covered in jizz and Vanessa pulled on my head and told me to kiss her.  I was kissing and sucking on her neck and she said, "Lick your slut clean." so I did.

I flipped her over and fucked her from behind while pulling her hair.  She kept telling me to fuck her harder and to "fuck that used cunt".  I filled her worn out pussy with hot cum then put my dick in her mouth for her to suck it.

We got up to get some water and I snapped these shots of Vanessa with half dried cum on her face.

dried cum on vanessa face

vanessa slut loves cum

Later on that night, Vanessa told me exactly what happened from her point of view.

"I went to the wrong building first and had to text him to make sure I knocked on the right door.  When he answered, I held my shirt open and flashed him lol!  He turned me around checking me out, shaking in nervousness! He told me I looked hot in my sexy outfit."

"Lol his breath was short and his voice was crackling. He was shaking and all trembling. Lol he then tried to touch me hard enough so I could not tell he was shaking. He then tried to kiss me a little, so I decided to lighten the mood and suck his dick.  While I was sucking his cock, he asked me when I got fucked last.  I said this morning and I told him I was going to go home and make you eat my pussy after he fucked me."

"That must have excited him because he laid me down on the floor and started fucking me missionary. We quickly moved to doggy, which he said he had been dreaming about haha!  As he was pounding me from behind he was pulling my hair and spanking me.  Asking me if my man knew I was out being a whore and asked me if it mattered who i fucked... I said no, and told him to fuck me harder."

"He blew his load in 4 minutes.  He stood up and told me to suck his dick, so I squatted in front of him and put it in my mouth.  The second I squatted down I felt this huge load of cum drip out of me.  I laughed and told him he was a bad boy! LOL! While I was sucking him hard again, I told him to take a pic for me. :)  He took pics of me sucking his cock. Then noticed my phone light up and said I could look at it only if I kept sucking his dick.  So I did."

"He laid me down and started fucking me in missionary again. Then, he took me into the kitchen and tried to bend me over the counter.  It was not working so well so I got on my knees and started sucking again. He blew before i could get it back in my pussy so I just swallowed it.  Lol what a newb! Haha"

"He also told me if he knew I was that big of a slut he would have been fucking me a long time ago! Lol!"

Vanessa came home the next day and showed me her rug burn from fucking on the floor.

I was wondering if her telling me he filled her pussy with cum was the total truth...well this is the skirt she drove home in...

Yep, it's a cum stain. :)  I love this slut!!!