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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I Love Her Dirty Mouth

A little after 5 Vanessa tells me she is feeling "frisky".  I asked what was on her mind and what she wanted to do.  I love to hear her say it ;) She told me how she was horny and wanted to swallow two loads today. Then have me bury my face between her legs.  Vanessa always seems to ask for my approval so I told her yes! She told me how wet her pussy has been all day so I could not refuse.

I was so turned on knowing that she was about to suck some more dick!  Vanessa kept telling me how bad she wanted his cock in her mouth.  I loved hearing it!  I was so excited I asked if she was about to do it.  Vanessa said, "Yes! Doing it in one minute!" I asked, "when?"  She replied with, "Now!"  So I'm hard as a rock and she is out sucking her boss Alan's cock.  I told her what a perfect slut she is and she just laughed and said thank you while his cock was in her mouth.  I fucking love it!

sucking my boss's cock
sucking off my boss
my boss cumming in my mouth spitting my boss's cum in a mug

I'm sure you can imagine what she did with the cum in the mug...or just see for yourself.

cuckold sloppy seconds blowjob pouring my boss's cum in my mouth
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I love sucking cock I swallowed his cum