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Monday, April 24, 2017

Pussy stretching 04-24-2017

Keep ruining that pussy!

Her pussy is defitinely getting a gape to it.  Fucking love it!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Triple creampie!

I came in the little slut three times tonight!

It started out with Vanessa stretching her pussy using her huge Cyclops dildo.

She pulled it out and her pussy sat there gaping open before slowly closing.

Vanessa pulls her pussy wide open for all of us to see her huge stretched out hole.

My dick was already hard so I slid it in Vanessa's loose pussy and pumped her full of cum.  It was the first load of the night and I planned on giving her more.

A short while later, Vanessa was cleaning her toys in the bathroom.  I walked up behind her as she was bent over the bathtub and pumped her pussy full of another load of cum.

A couple hours later, Vanessa was getting into bed.  I pull her panties to the side and quickly pump another load of cum in her.  That is three creampies in one night!  I love this slut!!!!