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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Loose pussy is the best

It's no secret that I love fucking huge, loose, stretched out, gaping, cunts.  

Jayne was a perfect example.  Her hole was stretched out from having kids and being in hundreds of gangbangs.  The slut used to give me sloppy seconds, which I fucking LOVED!

Then there was Alice.  She pushed out three kids and her ex-husband used to make her fuck other guys all the time.  Alice also used to give me sloppy seconds.

Vanessa knows I love huge, loose, gaping cunts and she also loves giving me sloppy seconds.  She has been stretching out her pussy for a while now and continues to just about every night.

Tonight was no different.  Vanessa fucked her huge black dildo which is close to 3.5 inches wide.

huge dildo fuck

I wanted to see Vanessa's meaty gaping hole so she pulled it out.  I love how her pussy is starting to get a natural gape to it.

meaty pussy gape

Lastly, she pulls open her huge, meaty, cunt.

gaping pussy

If you are a fan of huge, gaping cunts.  I suggest checking out the tumblr blogs below.  I myself cannot stand tumblr because it's the same repost after repost shit as facebook, but hey...maybe that's your thing so give them a visit below!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Slut is as slut does

I walk in on Vanessa fucking her huge purple dildo.  She looked so good with that giant cock inside of her.

I tell her to see if she can insert any fingers into her pussy while she was fucking her huge purple toy.  Three fingers was it but it's better than nothing.

I have Vanessa pull it out so I can see her gaping pussy.

I have Vanessa fuck her giant brown Bam dildo.

Then make her ride it so I can watch her beautiful ass bounce on that giant cock.

Vanessa then pumps up her inflatable dildo and stretches out her pussy.

At this point I can't take it.  I was so turned on that I rammed my fist up Vanessa's loose hole.  I made sure to get her face in the video so that everyone can see her face and associate it with her being a loose pussy, fisting slut.

Vanessa stripped down so that she could rinse off in the shower.  I wasn't done with her so I told her to lay on the bed with her legs spread.

She listened like a good slut and did as she was told.

I fucked Vanessa while she laid there and took it.  I could tell that she didn't feel my cock in her and was bored so I told her to talk shit about my cock while I was fucking her.  Vanessa said, "Fuck me with your pathetic little cock.  I can't feel it anyway."

I asked Vanessa, "You like getting fucked by my small cock?"  She laughed and said, "I do love it.  I love fucking any size cock."

I pulled out of her and look this picture of her used pussy.

I made Vanessa get on her knees and suck the cum out of my cock.  She swallowed it all down and then laid back on the bed.  "Ok, now it's time to get myself off."  Vanessa grabbed her vibrator and purple dildo and finished herself off.

I love watching that giant cock penetrate her used, meaty, pussy.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Cum gargling slut

I shove my cock in Vanessa's face and her slut instinct is to put it in her mouth.  I love seeing her slutty little mouth wrapped around mine, or anyone else's cock.

Just before the 7 minute mark I grab Vanessa's head and fuck her face.  She gags a little but handles it like a pro and keep sucking.

@ 8:20 I will Vanessa's mouth with a huge load of cum.  She shows it to the camera then gargles my cum and swishes it through her teeth for the next minute.  Vanessa then happily swallows my cum and shows off her empty mouth.  I love what a little slut she is!

After I shut off the camera, Vanessa tell me how she loves swishing my cum through her teeth because then she has the taste of cum in her mouth for the rest of the day.  Awesome!!!