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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Frothy Surprise

Vanessa starts off the day by sucking my dick and telling me she is still  horny.  Then she asks me if she can suck a cock tonight haha!  I fucking LOVE it!  Of course she can!  Vanessa tells me she has a surprise for me and I will see at the end of the day.  I love surprises but I can't stand waiting!  Especially if I am excited to see the surprise!

After thinking for half the day about what her surprise was I get a text that says, "I am about to suck! Two seconds!"  I can't tell you how turned on I get when she has a dick in her mouth.  Almost four minutes later she says, "Done baby! On my way home!"  Haha! He lasted ALMOST four minutes.  On her way home, she tells me about how she just waits for him to lock the door and instantly drops to her knees.  I could not wait for her to get home!

I am still wondering what my surprise is, then she walks in the door.  In one hand is a load of cum that she just sucked from Alan...

a glass of my boss's cum

In her other hand, is my digital camera that I didn't know was missing. Haha!  So now instead of shitty blurry cell phone pics...we all get better quality shots of this little cum sucking cock lover in action!  I LOVE IT!

sucking my boss's cock at work boss blowjob at work
I spit his cum in a glass

Vanessa walks in the door, sets the glass of cum down, and takes off her shirt..  I could smell the cum on her right away and knew that my cock would be in her dirty mouth shortly...I could not wait!!!  After taking off her shirt she walks up and kisses me while unzipping my pants.  I remember thinking how I love what her lips feel like after sucking dick. Mine or anyone else's.  They are always plump and wet and have this smell to them wow!  It turns me on every time!!!

Vanessa pushes me down into a chair and puts my cock in her mouth.  The idea of her just sucking a dick and the smell of her cum breath had me hard in seconds!  She sucks on me for a minute, sits up and says, "hold on."  Then pours this huge load of cum that she just sucked out of Alan in her mouth, and goes right back to sucking my dick.

I don't know what it was after that, but his cum started collecting in her hand and her mouth as she was sucking me.  I was siting there watching all this cum froth up on her face and hand. Vanessa pulls back and I take the picture with the cum that is all over her mouth and chin.  I don't know what it was, but something inside me make me totally kiss her cock sucking lips and suck that cum completely off of her face!  I felt so dirty but I fucking loved it! LOL!

cuckold boyfriend sloppy seconds blowjob drinking my boss's cum
sloppy blowjob with my boss's cum frothy cum cuckold blowjob
cum on my face

Vanessa is perfect.