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Monday, March 16, 2015

Fisting sloppy seconds

Vanessa has spend the night fucking her giant dildos and getting fisted.  I had to fuck her loose, stretched out pussy.  She instantly went into dirty slut mode and started talking shit about my cock.  It was obvious she couldn't feel it after fucking her huge toys and being fisted.  I didn't care, she is my slut to use as a personal masturbation device.

Vanessa wanted me to fuck her harder so I had to stop recording.  I did get some pics of me fucking her and blowing my load on her face.

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Meaty fisting

Vanessa just got done playing with a few of her huge toys. She continues using her inflatable dildo then we take turns fisting her huge, meaty pussy.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Toying around

Huge dildos, vibrators, and double dongs stuffed up Vanessa's meaty pussy.


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This double dong is the size of a normal size dildo, so you can guage how big the others really are.

I love how this huge black dildo destroys Vanessa's pussy.

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Next, Vanessa stuffs her Dick Rambone and her double dong at the same time!

Nothing like a magic wand vibrator shoved up a cunt.

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The aftermath.

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Such a great pussy!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Are you fucking me?

Vanessa was stretching her pussy out with some of her huge toys.  I was just admiring her gaping hole by taking pictures.

I love how these big toys leave her pussy hole wide open.

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After she was done, I needed to fuck her loose pussy.  I took this last picture before sliding my cock in her loose pussy.

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Here is where it gets exciting.  Vanessa's pussy is so stretched out and loose from fucking her toys that she can't even feel my cock in her.  She asks me if I was fucking her and then proceeds to tell me how she can't feel anything at all. 

Vanessa says, "You have a really small cock...I can't even feel it in my pussy.  Try fucking it harder...I can't even tell your cock is in me."

I was starting to get more and more turned on by what she was saying.  "Come on, fuck that pussy.  Fuck me with that cock.  Fuck me!"

Vanessa  pulls her bra down and exposes her beautiful tits.  My mind was thinking about what a slut this girl is.  I mean, she is literally telling me that she can't feel my cock in her, yet she still lets me fuck her.  Now that's a slut!

"Come on, fuck me with that tiny dick.  Fuck it!"  That was enough to push me over the edge.  I pulled my cock out and blew my load all over Vanessa's face.  Her response..."At least I get some cum out of it."

Watch the video below if you love small cock humiliation videos.  It's hot!

I love this slut!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Fan question #1

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Monday, March 9, 2015

An hour later

One hour ago, Vanessa was fucking some of her huge dildos and I ended up fisting her pussy.  Now she is back on the couch rubbing her clit and showing off her meaty pussy.  I had to get pictures.

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I love this woman!

Slut in black boots

Vanessa was dressed up in white fishnet stalkings and black boots, basically looking like a slut.  After some light self fisting, she pounds her pussy with her huge Bam dildo.

Vanessa then pumps up her XXL inflatable dildo and fucks her pussy with it until it fails on her.  She goes back to fucking Bam and rubbing her meaty pussy.

Vanessa throws her Bam aside and deeply fists her pussy.  I love watching this little slut fist herself!  Such a meaty pussy and loose hole!

Now it's time to fill that loose hole with her giant black dildo.  Vanessa slowly fucks herself to start with, then soon picks up the pace while pulling it out to show off her awesome gape.

Vanessa pulls her pussy wide open just after the ten minute mark.  I felt like she needed a hand so I start fist fucking her meaty cunt.  She is rubbing her clit the entire time while I pull my fist in and out of her giant meaty pussy.

After tearing up Vanessa's pussy with my fist, she pulls her pussy wide open to show off her gaping hole.