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Thursday, July 24, 2014

A slow spread

Vanessa slowly spreading her beautiful, meaty, pussy and eventually pulling it wide open!

Vanessa Cox loose meaty pussy

Vanessa Cox loose meaty pussy

Vanessa Cox loose meaty pussy

I love thinking about how many cock have fucked it!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Membership has it's advantages

When a slut gives you permission to take advantage of her any time you want...and I mean ANY time...I suggest you take advantage.

What I'm saying is...when it's 1:15 in the morning and Vanessa is's open game!!!

I walk into the bedroom and see Vanessa laying there in her panties.  It's the summer and really hot at night, so she didn't have any covers on.

I didn't want to wake Vanessa up because I knew she had to work in the morning.  I also  wasn't sure if the flash of my camera would wake her, so I tried a shot of her ass that wasn't directly in her face.  She didn't move an inch.

At that point, I felt more confident with taking  pictures, so I stood up and took a full body shot.

I zoomed in on Vanessa's prefect ass and took a pic...I love her ass! 

I needed to fuck her slut cunt so I pulled off her panties.  Vanessa didn't give any resistance.  In fact, she seemed to roll on her back and it felt like her inner sleeping slut made things easier on me.  I had to take a pic of her naked, slut, body and pussy.

Vanessa Cox sleeping slut Vanessa Cox sleeping slut pussy

I spit on my fingers and smeared it on my cock.  Her pussy is so loose that I know she didn't feel anything when I slid my cock into her.

After a couple minutes, I felt like getting a good picture of the pussy I was fucking.

Then, I just threw my dick into Vanessa and went back to fucking her.

I was shocked that Vanessa wasn't waking up so I started to fuck her a lot harder and faster.  I thought that her body flopping around and the sound of our bodies slapping together would surely wake her up...nothing. 

Then I reach down and grab one of Vanessa's tits...two seconds later, she wakes up and looks at me.  The look she had in her eyes almost seemed like she was just checking to see who was fucking her LOL!  It's not like she would have cared if it were someone else.

Vanessa laid her head back down and went to sleep, the whole time I am still fucking her.  Then I got to thinking...Vanessa only woke up when I grabbed her tits...which makes me realize that she can't even feel that I am fucking her.  I mean, my cock has been in Vanessa for the past fifteen minutes and she didn't give any sign that she knew my cock was in her.  No heavy breathing, movement, nothing.  I love her loose pussy!

I felt like I was going to cum and I didn't want to yet, so I pulled my dick out for a second because I wanted to take another picture of Vanessa's pussy.  I couldn't hold back so I quickly shoved my cock back into Vanessa.  I literally am starting to shoot my load as I look this picture lol!

I look this last picture while I was deep in Vanessa's meaty, loose pussy, pumping her full of cum!  She just continued to sleep the night away with my hot load of semen swimming around inside her wonderful pussy.

I love this slut!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Cum dump

Just had a quickie and dumped my load of cum up in Vanessa.

meaty pussy fuck slut

Thursday, July 3, 2014

An average Thursday

I just fucked Vanessa on the couch and blew my load all over her face.

facial cum slut facial cum slut

I told her to sit up closer to the camera.  She listens like a good little slut.

meaty pussy legs spread facial cum slut
facial cum slut