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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A blast from the past

Today was beyond interesting.  I get a text from Vanessa while she was at work, telling me how her ex-boyfriend has seen this blog.  I didn't know what to think so I asked Vanessa if we should be worried.  Her response was great..."I think he wants to fuck me."

I had to think about it for a while and the conclusion I came up with's not like his cock hasn't already been inside of her.  I told Vanessa to keep flirting with him and we would see where it goes.

Vanessa would update me throughout the day about what her ex-boyfriend was talking to her about.  He specifically kept asking her about fisting.  Vanessa's response to me was..."He does have a small cock so I wouldn't mind him fucking me with his fist so I can get something out of it."  Is that not a perfect slut or what?

Over the course of the day I found myself becoming more and more turned on by the thought of Vanessa getting fisted by her ex-boyfriend.  I told her to ask him if he would take pictures while fisting her and he said it was no problem.  At that point, Vanessa invited him to come over later that night.

A little before 9:30, Vanessa's ex-boyfriend texts and says he is here.  The first thing she does is take her pants and panties off.  I was so horny that I got on my knees and started sucking on Vanessa's meaty pussy.  Shortly after, he knocks on the door.  I stand up, kiss Vanessa, and tell her to be a dirty little slut.  She laughed and said, "You know I will be."

I walk down the hall to our bedroom and Vanessa answers the door once I am out of sight.  I can only hear what is going on at this point.  There wasn't much talking at all.  I hear Vanessa say, "Use a lot of that."  I assume she was talking about lube and then I hear a loud moan, which is the same moan I hear when my fist first enters her pussy.

vanessa loose pussy
vanessa being fisted
gaping pussy

Look at that gaping cunt...I LOVE IT!

I can see the flash of the camera going off every so often all while Vanessa is moaning like crazy.  I hear her say, "Do it harder!"  My cock was so fucking hard by this time!  I mean this slut just told her ex-boyfriend to fist her harder.  I LOVE IT!

Next thing I see, is my phone light up from a text message I received.  It's from Vanessa and it says, "I want him to fuck me."  I almost blow my load right then and there.  I responded with, "Do it you filthy slut!"

texting while being fisted texting while being fisted
texting while being fisted

A minute later, I hear Vanessa say, "Fuck me!"  Then for the next ten minutes, I hear Vanessa getting fucked by her ex-boyfriend.

I was so turned on that she was fucking him.  I mean she said he has a small cock and after being fisted I was 99% sure she could not even feel his cock in her.  Yet, she still let him do it.  What a slut!

I could tell when he blew his load because I heard it and everything got quiet.  Then the door closed and Vanessa came running down into the bedroom.  She had a huge load of cum all over her back and ass.

I made her sit on my cock in reverse cowgirl position so I could watch his cum drip down her back and ass.  Seeing it run down her body turned me on so much that I collected a bunch of it up with my hand and rubbed it all over my cock before sliding it back into her freshly used pussy.

Vanessa turned around to face me and the first thing she said was, "You like fucking me with his cum all over your cock?"  I did love it.  Very, very, VERY MUCH!

I told Vanessa how much I love fucking her freshly used cunt and then I pumped her full of cum.  I am pretty sure she will be fucking him again.  I can't wait!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Later that night...

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My big cunt slut

I made Vanessa dress up super slutty and fuck some of her giant dildos.  She started out posing for me.

Vanessa the sloppy seconds slut

Then fucked her Rambone.  I love how her pussy is left gaping open after she pulls it out.

Vanessa fucking a giant dildo Vanessa showing her meaty gaping pussy

Next is her pointy rubber fist.

Vanessa's meaty pussy
Vanessa's gaping pussy

The pointy fist isn't thick enough so she stuffs in a double dong.

Then a closed rubber fist.  I love how meaty her legs are in the first picture.

Vanessa and her meaty legs pussy fisting
meaty gaping pussy rubber fist meaty gaping pussy

Vanessa then stretches her pussy with a giant inflatable dildo.

inflatable dildo pussy stretching
huge meaty loose gaping pussy

I fist her meaty loose pussy without any problem.

destroying vanessa's meaty pussy
meaty pussy fisting gaping cunt meaty pussy

Vanessa pulls open her gaping hole of a pussy for all of us to see.  A lot of cocks have had their turn on that pussy lol!

Slut Vanessa meaty loose pussy gape

Vanessa is such a slut!