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Monday, June 19, 2017

Pussy stretching 06-19-2017

Vanessa working it again.

Keep up the good work slut!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Pussy stretching 06-14-2017

It takes a special girl to willingly destroy her pussy.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Pussy stretching 06-07-2017

I remember when Vanessa first got this dildo.  She could not even get it in her pussy.  Now, she sits there fucking it for almost an hour!

I FUCKING LOVE how ruined her pussy is getting!!!

Friday, June 2, 2017

She blows our neighbor!

Ok, so...last night we invited our new neighbor over to have a beer because he just turned 21.  Vanessa flirted with him and after he left, she put a note under his door saying "free blowjobs" with her phone number.

She didn't hear from him until a little before 4 pm today.  He does want a blowjob but is worried about me.  Vanessa told him that she will text after I fall asleep so he has nothing to worry about.

So...Vanessa met this guy less than 24 hours ago and now she's sucking his dick.  What a perfect slut!

Vanessa gets him off in two minutes and twenty four seconds!  She is quite literally a cock sucking queen.  I can't wait for her to blow him again!

Thursday, June 1, 2017


Tonight night we met our new neighbor.  He moved in a couple weeks ago and just turned 21.   I ran into him outside and invited him up to have a beer with us.

Vanessa was sitting on the couch wearing these little skimpy red shorts and a black bra.  Her ass basically hangs out the bottom of these shorts and they barely cover her pussy at all.

We hang out for a while and I see Vanessa pick up her phone and text me.  It said, "He's totally checking me out!"

I went outside to smoke and brought my phone with me.  I responded to Vanessa saying, "LOL!  I know.  I have seen him do it several times.  You should show if off and flirt with him."

I knew that excited Vanessa becasue she said, "lol ok!"

I kept casually going outside to smoke, purposely leaving them alone.  I came in around 10pm and our neighbor said he had to go home.  Right after he left, Vanessa said that she pulled out her tits and  told him that we were in an open relationship.  Then, she asked if ever wanted to fool around.  He just acted nervous and kind of laughed, so we didn't know.

Vanessa said that she really wanted to suck his cock so I suggest that she write down her phone number and put "free blowjobs" on it.  20 minutes ago, she slid the note under his door.  I guess we will see.