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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

One minute and forty seconds!

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Monday, March 4, 2013

Cum receptacle

Vanessa was asleep and I thought it was a good idea to jerk off and blow my load into a glass.  Then, I planned on pouring it on her face while she was sleeping.

After shooting my load in a wine glass, I walk into the room and set it down next to the bed.  I know how much Vanessa loves cum, so I dipped my fingers into the cum and I rubbed it on her lips.  The second she smelled my cum, I put my cock in her mouth.

I slowly fucked her mouth while she was sleeping.  Shortly into it, I see her eyes open a little, so I grab the glass and pour my cum on her face.  Vanessa puts her hand down to catch everything that dripped off her face.  I really wanted to kiss her and lick the rest off, but instead I started to slowly fuck her mouth again.

I tried to collect the remaining cum in her hand and smeared it all over Vanessa's face.  She just kept her mouth open while I continued to fuck it.

I shot a second load of hot cum on her face and left her to sleep with it on her face like a good slut does.

Watch the video below!