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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Nude in public

I took Vanessa out around the city and got all kinds of great pictures.  I love how she has no problem getting completely naked in public.

I love how her huge meaty pussy dominates these pictures on the bench.

Reach for the sky!

So fucking beautiful!

Her body is so perfect!

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Mr. Random

I really just need to start referring to William as Mr. Random.  We rarely hear from him and then out of the blue he wants to fuck Vanessa.

She first fucked him back in November 2010, then he came back three days later and fucked her again.

We then didn't hear from him until July 2016 when he came over and pounded the fuck out of Vanessa's pussy.

Then, he came over again in May and Vanessa sucked his cock.

Today, he of course texts randomly wanting to know if Vanessa wanted to fuck.  She told him to show up at 6:30pm and the rest is history.

Vanessa begs for his cum on her face and tells him to call her his slut.  Instead he calls her a "dirty little whore!"

I'm not going to lie, she is a dirty little whore and I fucking LOVE her!

Right after William left I buried my face between Vanessa's legs.  Her pussy 100% tasted like cum so I knew he came in her.  After watching the video, at 3:55 you can see two drops of cum drip down then he goes back to fucking her.  

While I was eating Vanessa's pussy I was scraped up William's cum off her body and put it on my dick before fucking Vanessa with it!

Thursday, August 2, 2018

She fucked Peter!

Peter showed up a little late, but Vanessa fucked him!  Watch the video!

I love what a slut Vanessa is!

Right after he left, I buried my face between her legs.  I could tell right away that Peter's dick worked Vanessa's pussy because it was all stretched out.

Vanessa told me how he called her, "A little slut."  That was more than enough to make me need to put my dick in her!

I slid my dick in and her pussy was so stretched out that I literally lasted 26 seconds!  LOL

I LOVE fucking Vanessa after she fucks other guys!!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2018


Tomorrow, Vanessa is fucking Peter at 7pm.  She has fucked him six times so far.  If you have not already read these posts, I suggest checking them out.

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5.  Fuck my slut pussy!

6.  Vanessa caught fucking

He has a huge dick and I know Vanessa loves fucking it.  I hope he pounds the fuck out of her pussy!