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Monday, November 13, 2017

Sloppy seconds blowjob!

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Friday, November 10, 2017

Loose queefing cunt

Earlier we discovered that Vanessa has quite the queefing talent.  Now it's my turn to play with her pussy and I use several dildos and my fist on her loose queefing fuck hole.

I love her loose fucking pussy!

Queefing cunt stretching

We just made a short video of Vanessa bent over queefing her pussy and I wanted to play with her meaty pussy too.  I got right in there and spread her gaping cunt allowing Vanessa to fill up with air and queef it all back out!

I love pulling her pussy wide open and seeing how big it is!

Vanessa's hidden talent

Vanessa and I were talking about opening a new clips4sale store and were kind of browsing catagories for anything that wasn't over saturated.  Queefing was one of the options so I asked Vanessa is she is able to queef.

With no hesitation, Vanessa drops her pants and tries queefing in a couple different positions.  She was able to do it quite well bent over in a doggy style position so the next night, we decided to do a little test video.

I fucking love watching her meaty pussy lips flap around while she queefs!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Anal creampie slut

I took off my clothes and yelled for Vanessa to come into the bedroom.  I was laying there naked and told Vanessa I wanted to eat her pussy while she talks about all the guys she has fucked.

She strips off all her clothes and puts one leg up on the bed, spreads her pussy and says, "You want to lick this worn out pussy?"

"FUCK YES!"  I say.

Vanessa climbs on top of me in a 69 and starts sucking my cock.  She starts out by saying, "There have been a lot of dicks in that pussy so you better lick it good."

I LOVE when she talks like that so I dove right into that pussy!  The whole time Vanessa is talking about how many dicks have been inside of her and how many guys have came in her pussy.  I wanted to put my cock in her so I told her to sit up and ride me.

I made her ride my cock for just a minute then told her to put her pussy back in my mouth.  I did this a couple more times, making her lick her pussy juice off my dick while I lick her pussy.

At one point, Vanessa forces her asshole on my mouth and she said, "Lick that asshole!  Guys have fucked that too!"

I started tongue fucking her pussy and asshole, going from one and back to the other while Vanessa was grinding hard into my face.  I couldn't take it anymore, I wanted to fuck her ass.

I tell Vanessa to get up and ride me again but this time I grab my cock and slide just the tip into her ass.  She sat up so my cock popped out of her ass and Vanessa put it in her pussy.  I let her ride it for a minute or two then I pulled out it back into her asshole.  My hands grabbed her hips and forced Vanessa down all the way on my cock.

On thing I love about Vanessa is because she is a slut she will just do whatever guys want.  I mean, I know she doesn't like anal, but she lets guys do it because she just can't say no.

After I forced her asshole down on my cock I just bounced her up and down fucking her as hard as I could.  Vanessa took my reaming of her asshole for about fifteen minutes before I blew a huge load up her ass.

I will never get tired of pounding this sluts holes.