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Friday, April 24, 2009


It's around one thirty in the afternoon and I was looking at all the pictures Vanessa sent me over the last month.  I get so turned on seeing her sucking on a cock or cum in her mouth! I told her how horny I was and she asked..."What are you horny for?"  

Right away I knew what she was getting at, but I asked what she meant.  I like to hear her say it.  Vanessa said, "Me sucking cock, getting my pussy eaten, or a good fucking...What are you horny for?"  I was so horny I just told her they all sounded great!

"Of yeah?" she said. "because you are making me horny!"  I knew before that she wanted to suck Alan's dick earlier when she asked me what I was horny for. Then she says..."There is no one in the store right now...if you are horny enough for me to be bad...I would just have to check...Then I can come home real quick!"  I love hearing her talk like that so I said yummy and asked her if she wanted to.

Vanessa replied with "Fuck yes!"  I laughed at her response then she asked..."Well yes or no?  I want some cock...then some more cock!"  I will never say no when she tells me she wants it that bad, so I told her ok and to send me pics.  Keep in mind that this whole conversation started less then twenty minutes ago.

Two minutes later I get this picture...

One minute after that, Vanessa says..."Fuck I got interrupted...Give me a minute..."  I was so hot from the picture she sent but it was ok.  I know she is working.  She said, "I will try to finish here soon. And come see you!"

She never got to finish, but she did come home and suck my dick twice.  Here are some of  the pics from the first time...

vanessa sucking my cock

vanessa swallowed all the cum

Vanessa leaves a little after 3...on her way back to work  she said..."That was wonderful! Thank you!!"  She thanked me!!! Yes!!!