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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

9 loads in 24 hours

At two in the morning Vanessa must have been horny and feeling naughty because she asked me to tell her to do something. I knew she wanted me to tell her to suck my cock and I wanted her to, but it was 2 a.m. so I just said, "come suck my dick."  Little did I know what I was in for...Vanessa sucks my Dick five times in a row and swallows every time. Then in the morning, one more time before she goes to work.

Vanessa has to be to work at eleven today day and I get a text when she was on her way to work saying..."I will have a lunch meeting today... and send you a picture"...Meaning that she wants to suck Alan's dick again in a meeting.

Around two in the afternoon Vanessa starts talking about how she wants to suck my dick.  I was turned on by it and was thinking about how much of my cum she swallowed last night.  I asked her if she realized that she swallowed six loads of cum in less than twelve hours.  Her response was..."I want more!!!"  I can't explain how much that turned me on.  I felt that horny warm feeling inside because I love hearing that she wants more!

Then I get this pic...
vanessa meaty pussy
Vanessa kept talking about how bad she wanted to suck my dick and how she was trying to think of a reason to leave so she could come home and do it.  I told her not to worry about it and that we could wait till she gets off work.  She would not stop with it.  Vanessa went to telling me how she loves cum and how yummy it is.  I was totally turned on at

this point!  She said how she likes to swish cum around in her mouth and how great it tastes.  I told her how hot that sounded and she replied with..."it tastes so hot and nice and steamy warm right out of your throbbing cock! God I want some right now!"

I laughed and asked if she needed to suck some cock that bad.  Vanessa replied with..."God I want to!  I could go get a mouthful in the office..."
I knew she was talking about getting a mouthful of Alan's cum and asked if she really wanted to.  She said "Yes!" So I told her to do it.

Three minutes later I get a message saying..."He would not let me!"  We continue to  talk for a little and she tells me that Alan just sent the other employee out to "run some errands".  I knew she still wanted to otherwise she would not have told me that they are alone.  Plus she sent me this..."I think it would be hot for you to want me to go give him a quickie... and then come home and suck your cock with a dirty mouth. I want to. I can even come home right after I do it for a bit and suck your cock with fresh cum breath!"  I could not say no to that.  I mean she called it her dirty little mouth!  I said yes and a minute or two later, I start receiving pictures on my phone.

The first one that I got was this...

vanessa blowjob sucking boss cock

It said, "I am coming home!"  My jaw was on the floor.  I literally got the picture 5 minutes after I said yes.  I can't believe how fast she gets him off!

Then another picture...

vanessa boss cum in mouth

I didn't know what to say.  I told her she was naughty and she seemed to like did I. :)  Vanessa told Alan that she had to run some errands and laughed about it because she knew he would not say no.  While she was driving home her words literally were..."my breath smells like cum! I can't wait to have your cock in my mouth!"

Vanessa comes home and sucks my dick twice on the couch and it was fucking great!!!  Swallowing every time. Then heads back to work around 4:15 and we continue talking...

I'm sitting on the couch in lala land and she writes me.  I am just going to post the conversation because she is so hot!

4:32 PM-so was that okay?
(Fuck Yes!!!)
4:35 p.m.-good!! It was fun!
4:36 PM-I loved it!
(I love hearing that you loved it!)
4:37 PM-yeah! Knowing you were at home waiting excited for me to come suck your cock with cum breath!
4:39 PM-fuck yes!
(Did you swallow?)
4:46 PM-yes! Of course I did. I knew it would make you hotter!
(Haha you naughty girl! I love it!)
4:47 PM-I even swished it around before I swallowed! So my whole mouth would still taste like cum when I put your Dick in!
4:49 PM-does that make you hot?
(Fuck yes!)
(Did he ask what was with the pics?)
4:49 PM-no! I told him I wanted them!
4:51 PM-I am so glad I can get you so hot!
(Want to do it again?)
4:57 PM-yes! When?
(The other employee is back i take it?)
5:00 PM-yeah he is...
5:01 PM-I know! If he stays till close can I do it then...?
(Do what exactly?)
5:03 PM-suck some more cock. So I can come home with cum breath! And suck yours again!!
5:57 PM-Haha! I just burped and it tasted like cum!

It didn't work out because Alan didn't close that night, which is fine.  I mean she loves it so I am not sure her wanting to suck more cock is going to be a problem.  Vanessa even sucked mine again that night for a total of 9 loads of cum swallowed in less than 24 hours!