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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Vanessa was at work and told me she was in the mood and that business was starting to slow down a little.  I love when she says things like that because it's like she can't wait to suck his cock.  Then she says, "I am thinking right now how nice it will feel to have a cock in my mouth, have wanted one in there all day!"  I told her how much I loved hearing that and she just said simply, "it's true".

With thirty minutes left in the day, I start to see how much Vanessa wants to suck his cock.  She said, "Yes! Last customer just left! Then we are closing up..." Then a second later, "so here in about five or ten minutes I think I may have some free time...You want me to let you know before I go into his office and suck his cock?"  

I told her yes and just then more customers walked in the store. I asked her if maybe she wanted to forget it and just come home because it was so busy.  Vanessa told me how she had wanted it before she even went to work that morning, so we were not going to forget it.

Five minutes before closing Vanessa says, "We have only one more customer...then I should finally have time! Haha I can't wait!!!"  I was excited and she seemed to have been counting down till close.  

"Seriously, less then two minutes and I finally get to have some cock!" she said.  I was so turned on by how much she wanted it I could not wait either.  Literally two minutes later Vanesa says, "K! I am now!"  After a few minutes, it was six exactly, she just says "done".  I thought that was the cutest thing ever and I love when she says it like that!

Of course, I start receiving pictures...

rubbing his cock on her face
cum in my mouth

Then Vanessa tells me how he said he wanted to fuck her.  I guess he asked if he could and she said no.  We talked about it for a while and she told me she wanted to fuck him and would tomorrow as long as I told her to do it.  I could not wait!