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Wednesday, April 8, 2009


It started out with a conversation about what she could do to please me.  I knew she liked girls so I said, another woman.  Vanessa excitedly agreed and said she would start looking for a girl.  But she never stopped guessing other things she could do.  After a lot of talk, I get out of her that she loves to suck cock and loves being told what to do.  I ask for an example and she responds by telling me if i was to tell her to fuck someone or suck some guys cock, she would.  That simple.

Vanessa told me more about how she likes to be told what to do...It really gets her off from what it sounds like. I didn't know really if I should believe her so I pressed a little more.  I know that she used to sleep with her boss Alan, who is married and I asked...So lets just say that I tell you to suck Alan's cock.  You will?  Without even asking any questions, she flat out said yes.

So the night before, we are talking.  Vanessa tells me she has some really naughty thoughts to share...Here is what she said. "I will just happen to be holding a cup of water... it will be empty. I suck Alan and let him cum in my mouth. I will act like I don't want to swallow and spit in the cup. Then take it home and pour it in my mouth and use his cum to suck your cock!"

I was speechless.  I could not believe what I was hearing come out of her mouth.  I was turned on so much by hearing her dirty thoughts and what she likes and wants to do.  I could not say no, but I still didn't think anything would happen.  The next morning I wake up to her lips wrapped around my dick.  I never stop her because I love it, and lets be honest, what guy would not like to wake up to that every morning?

Vanessa goes to work and starts messaging me about how horny she is and how bad she wants to suck my dick. "I want to suck it with a mouth full of cum!" She said. Then she asked..."You want me to suck cock this evening?"  I asked her if she wanted to, because it's completely up to her.  Vanessa replied with..."Of course I want to! I would love to suck some cock...fill a cup and come home to suck your cock with a mouth full of cum!  I think that it would be so hot to be filled with hot cum! his and yours!"

It was getting close to closing time and I asked Vanessa again if she wanted to because I wanted to make sure this was what she really wanted to do.  She replied with, "Fuck yeah!"  I told her to be fast and she said ok.  Five minutes later, Vanessa tells me she is done.  Apparently Alan's wife does not suck his dick so he gets off really fast.  Vanessa starts driving home and I ask how it was.  Here is the best part...she said, "Yummy!"