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Sunday, May 17, 2009

I Want More!

It’s Sunday and the first thing Vanessa says to me when she gets to work is, "I can't wait till four!!!"  The store closes at four but that is not what she was talking about.  I knew what she meant but I love hearing her say it so I asked, "What's at four?"  "Cock in my mouth!” she said. I loved hearing that!!!

Vanessa went on and on about how much she loves sucking cocks.  She was telling me how much she loves sucking Alan's cock too, she said, "I really love it! Feeling his cock rubbing my throat... while I think about how I get to be pumped full of two different loads within the hour!"  I love how much she loves cum!

Ten minutes after 4 she tells me she is locking the door. Then she tells him to go sit.  I knew she was sucking him because she text me while doing it haha! I love it!

This was the tenth load of cum that she has milked from his dick.  When asked for a comment on that, Vanessa replies with, "Yummy! I want more!"   I want to give her more!