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Sunday, May 24, 2009

I Kiss This Mouth

In the past six days Vanessa has swallowed over twelve loads of cum. Today was day seven and she didn't work so I really didn't think anything would happen. 

Then, a little before 4 in the afternoon, she tells me that she is going to work to suck Alan's cock and that I better be ready when she gets home. I was so turned on by her just telling me that she is going to do it!

sucking my boss's cock
spitting cum in a glass

Vanessa walks in and puts the glass of cum down, drops to her knees and immediately starts sucking my dick. Half way into it she says how much she loves the taste of cum and pours his load in her mouth and continues sucking mine. I love the look she is giving me while sucking my dick with Alan's load!

boyfriend sloppy seconds blowjob pouring my boss's cum in my mouth
sucking my boyfriend's cock with my boss's cum mouthful of hot cum

So after today, it was fourteen loads of cum that was pumped down her throat for the week. I LOVE IT!!!