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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cum Breath

Vanessa wanted to suck Alan's cock all day and could not stop talking about it. There was no chance of doing it because he was on the phone in his office all day. We thought it would be funny if she flashed him, which of course she did. He said, "Today?" Haha and she replied with, "ASAP!"

Vanessa checked the schedule to see if he was closing tonight. He was not scheduled to close, but lately he has been staying around late for some reason haha! Sure enough, around 5 pm he says that he is going to stay till close and help out. Even though it was dead haha!

By the time closing came around Vanessa could not wait to lock the door and go suck his cock. She kept telling me how she loves when cocks are throbbing in her mouth while pumping it full of hot cum. Then said how she swishes it all around in her mouth before swallowing so she can taste and smell cum in her mouth all night. I thought that was so hot!!

I asked her when she was locking the door, one second later she replied with, "I am and I am starting right now! So I will tell you when I am done!" By starting, she meant sucking his cock. :) I asked, "You are sucking his dick right now?" "Yes!" she replied. I fucking loved it!!!

Four minutes later, her mouth is getting filled with that hot load of cum that she waited all day for! She said, "Done and on my way home baby!" I loved it!!

mouthful of my boss's cock giving my boss a blowjob
I love sucking cock my boss blowing his load in my mouth
my boss's cum in my mouth mouthful of my boss's cum

I love how adorably, sexy and naughty she is!! So she walks in the door and says, "Get your cock out." Then begins to adore my cock with her sweet dirty mouth! I remember sitting there thinking how she just sucked Alan's cock. I could smell his cock and cum on her breath while she was sucking. I fucking loved it! I could not hold on any longer so I exploded into her hot mouth!

cuckold sloppy seconds blowjob blowing my boyfriend after sucking my boss's cock
sloppy seconds blowjob slut cum in my mouth

If you think two loads of hot cum in enough for this beautiful, sexy little cocksucker, you would be wrong. Vanessa wanted to swallow another before bed!

sucking cock cum on the tip of his cock

I wish she had more cocks to fuck and suck!