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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Vanessa takes on two dicks

We took Nick out tonight for a couple of drinks and ended up playing pool.  Vanessa and I were texting each other the whole time, talking about how she should get in the back seat of the car when we leave, and let Nick play with her pussy while I drive.  She seemed really excited to do it but by the time we left, Nick seemed really drunk, so it didn't happen.

After we get home, I text Nick telling him that Vanessa really wanted him to play with her pussy but he seemed drunk.  That's when he told me that he was drunk and was going to jerk off.

I texted Nick saying, " you still want to play with her pussy?"

He responded with, "Is that ok?"

I love how respectful he is.  He asks if it's ok instead of saying yes.  If he only knew how easy of a slut Vanessa is.  Lol

I text Nick saying that he can come over and quickly tell Vanessa that he is coming over to play with her pussy.  He showed up faster than I was able to set up a camera but...Nick ate her pussy and fucked her from behind a few times, switching back and forth.  He was over for about 30 minutes before he left.

The whole time this was going on, I was waiting outside and had no idea what was actually happening.  After he left, Vanessa yells to me from the window and I start making my way inside.  I was hoping to walk in to a huge load of cum plastered all over her face, or maybe a pussy full of cum. 

When I open the door, Vanessa is standing there and the first thing I notice is that there is no cum on her face, so I assume that Nick blow his load in her pussy.  I lay her down on the couch and bury my face between her legs expecting to get a mouthful of cum from her pussy buy there was nothing.

I ask Vanessa what happened and she tells me that he ate her pussy but was too drunk to cum when he fucked her.  While I'm eating her pussy, I grab my phone and text Nick saying, "If you want to cum, she will suck your dick while I eat her pussy."

He was down and came right over.  I was still eating her pussy when he knocked on the door.  She got right up and answered the door completely naked and then laid on the couch.  The rest if for the internet to watch lol!

I came in her twice while fucking her and then Nick ate her pussy, then also came in her pussy again later that night!