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Saturday, September 15, 2018

Pushing the limits

Tonight we were hanging out with our neighbor Nick who is like 26-28 years old and the three of us all ended up at our house.  We were drinking and I would go outside to smoke every so often leaving them alone.

I was pretty horny and like to push the limits with Vanessa.  Really it's just to see what Vanessa actually will do as a slut, so I text her while I am outside smoking and tell her to try and suck Nick's dick.  He's a pretty shy kid so I didn't expect anything to happen.

I go back inside and Nick is getting up like he is going home.  He says goodbye and heads out the door.  The first thing Vanessa said was, "He seemed really nervous and asked if we were swingers."

I ask Vanessa, "So you tried?  What did you say?"

Vanessa tells me that she asked him if he had a girlfriend and he said, "No."  Then she asked if he wanted a blowjob.  It was at that point that he asked if we were swingers and Vanessa told him no and that we just fool around.

I don't expect anything to happen with Nick but it was really exciting that Vanessa actually asked if he wanted a blowjob.  Lol!