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Monday, September 17, 2018

Vanessa sucking our neighbor Nick

Two nights ago, Vanessa offered our neighbor Nick a blowjob.  He was pretty nervous so it didn't happen, but that wasn't going to stop me from trying to get Vanessa to do it.  I wanted to think of a way to tell Nick that it's ok for Vanessa to give him a blowjob but wasn't sure how.

I thought it would just be best to text him so I said, "Vanessa told me what she said to you the other night.  She's a freak and it's totally cool if she blows you.  She loves giving blowjobs so ask anytime."

Our neighbor, Nick responded saying, "Is tonight a bad time for one?"

I didn't even bother asking Vanessa.  I just said, "He wants a blowjob."

I know she is a huge slut but I was still shocked and turned on by her response.  She said, "Well tell him to come over."

I quickly set up a camera and told Nick to come over.

So right around the 10 minute mark, Nick grabs Vanessa's head and starts fucking her face.  She is moaning and loving it.  Then at 10:40 he takes his hand down and stops fucking her face.  Vanessa was enjoying it so much that she stops sucking his cock and moans to get him to start fucking her face again.  What a fucking great slut!

After she swallowed his cum he left and she gave me a sloppy seconds blowjob!