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Friday, December 11, 2015

Fuck the sluts face

I love showing off what a slut Vanessa is.  Here she is waiting for a cock to be put in front of her face so that she can suck a load of cum out of it.  I let her suck me hard then start to slowly fuck her mouth.  Vanessa just sits there taking it like a good little slut.

I pull my dick out and slap it on her tongue and rub the tip all over her lips.  I love when girls have cock smell on their faces so I make sure Vanessa's face smells nice and musky.

I go back to fucking Vanessa's mouth a little fast then beat my cock against her face again.  She drools a little on my dick so I beat it against her face making sure her saliva is getting all over.

I grab her head and force my cock down her throat deeper and deeper.  She gasps for air so I punish her by pounding my cock against her face repeatedly.  I turn her face toward the camera so that everyone can get a good look at this used sluts face.

Back to fucking her mouth and trying to make her gag on my cock.  She squeezes out more saliva and I just grab with with my hand and smear it all over her slutty face like I am lubing up her pussy to get fucked. 

A little more fucking of Vanessa's mouth and I am shooting my load all over her saliva covered face.  I show my gratitude by cock slapping her with cum all over her slutty face and shoving my cock back in her mouth.

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