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Friday, November 13, 2015

Dick breath

Vanessa gets a text from her ex-boyfriend saying that he is in town and wondering if she wanted to fuck.  She was bleeding and told him that if he wanted a blowjob that she would suck him off.  Vanessa told him that I was home so they would have to be fast.

He knocks on the door and Vanessa answers.  I am standing around the corner and can hear everything.  She takes him into the kitchen and I peek around the corner.  I can see that his back is kind of away from me and see Vanessa getting on her knees.

sucking my ex-boyfriend cock

I shut off the flash on my phone and quickly take this picture of Vanessa about to put his cock in her mouth.  It was only a few minutes before he was filling her mouth with cum, which she happily swallowed.

After Vanessa walked him to the door she came straight up to me and kissed me.  Her lips and breath smelled like cock and cum which totally turns me on!  She pushed me back on the couch and got on her knees and gave me a sloppy seconds blowjob.  I fucking love it!!!