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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sloppy seconds!!!

Vanessa walked in the door around 3:30pm today.  Even though it's been fifteen hours since Peter's cock was in her, I still needed sloppy seconds!

She walked back to the bedroom to put her stuff away and I was right behind her.  I am pretty sure Vanessa knew I was there because she dropped her stuff, lifted her skirt and jumped on the bed with her legs spread.

I pulled her panties to the side and instantly could see the damage that Peter did to Vanessa's pussy.  Her pussy hole was wide open like it couldn't close properly from Peter pounding the fuck out of it with his huge cock.

Looking at that huge hole I couldn't help myself.  The first thing I did was tongue fuck her hole.  It was so wide open that it wasn't much of a fucking, it was more like a small car driving through a tunnel haha!

Vanessa's pussy REAKED of cock and cum and I could not resist telling her.  I said, "Your pussy smells like cock and tastes like cum."  Vanessa laughed and said, "Those are the same panties I put on right after he filled me with cum.  I slept in,  and wore them all day while they soaked up his cum... and didn't wash my pussy this morning either.  I knew you would lick me clean."

I pull my face back from tongue fucking her and flip over her panties to see what they looked like.  There was definitely cum soaked into them.  I put my nose and lips up to Vanessa's panties.  They still felt wet up against my lips.  I buried my nose deep into them and took a large inhale.  "You like that?"  Vanessa asked.  "Fuck yeah!"  I said, and then went back to eating her pussy.

I inserted one finger and fished cum out of Vanessa's pussy making sure to lick it clean.  I could not take it any more, I needed to feel her huge used pussy.

I stand up and slide my cock in.  WOW!  It's hard to explain what it felt like.  It was like my cock was moving more side to side than in and out LOL!

Vanessa saw the look on my face when I first slid my cock in her.  She said, "You like that?"  Fuck yes I did!  I told Vanessa how I could not believe how loose her pussy still was even fifteen hours later.

I fucked the shit out her huge, loose, pussy for over an hour while telling her what I wonderful slut I think she is.  Damn, I love this slut!!!