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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

He fucked me right in that hole

It's been two day since Vanessa fucked Peter and I am still blown away by it.  She was laying on the bed playing with her vibrator so I got some pictures of her used, meaty pussy.

I licked Vanessa's pussy while thinking about Peter's cock being inside of her.  I wanted to see exactly where his cock was, so I spread her open a little to get a better look.

I asked Vanessa, "Is this where his cock was?  Right in this hole?"

Vanessa said, "Yeah, he fucked me right in that hole."

She then reaches around her hips, and pulls her pussy wide open. 

Vanessa says, "This hole was completely wrapped around his giant, sweaty cock and he filled it with his cum."

OMFG!  I love when she talks dirty!  I told Vanessa to keep her pussy spread open while I pulled out my cock and slid it in.  I said, "I love fucking your used pussy."

Vanessa replies with, "And I love getting my pussy used."

I told Vanessa what a slut I think she is and that she needs a load of cum on her face.  She agreed so that's exactly what I gave the little slut.

I honestly love how trashy she looks with cum on her face in these pictures.