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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fucking a stranger

I don't even know where to start with this.  Vanessa met him yesterday, flirted all day today...sent him nude pictures...made ME take pics to send to him...We were both ready for her to fuck him.  I love her little slutty ass!

I setup a camera before he came over and captured it all!

Vanessa walked into the bedroom after he left.  She had cum dripping down her face, chest and stomach. I threw her down on the bed and buried my face between her legs.  I cleaned up her pussy with my tongue and moved my way up her body kissing every inch.

I slid my rock hard dick into her and thought about how she was just getting fucked by William a few minutes earlier. Vanessa knew I loved it and she started telling me about how much she loves his cock and how great it felt.  I love what a slut she is!!!

Ten minutes after William left she was begging me to ask him to come back over and fuck her again.  He knew that she was going to be fucking me right after he left so she made me send him pictures to entice him to come back.

William didn't come back that night, but they are planning on seeing each other again!