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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A new prospect

Yesterday, Vanessa met a new guy, William.  They flirted all day with each other and she sent him these two pictures.

vanessa showing her pussy

Vanessa talks about him all day, then comes home and tells me to take a picture of her body to send to him.

I had to laugh that I was taking pictures for a guy who is going to fuck my naughty little slut.  To top it off, she sends me a picture of his cock.

To get on with it, he is 22 years old, just got out of a four year relationship, and he is coming over tonight to fuck her.  :)  I guess it's a test run to see if she is going to want to fuck him everyday...I can't wait!!!  

So now I get to stare at his cock all day thinking of it tearing up her beautiful pussy.  I can't wait to have sloppy seconds on her sweet, slutty pussy!