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Saturday, June 1, 2019

12 seconds

I don't even know how to start this.  Today we were working one of our other jobs.  We showed up around 10:30AM to get everything opened up and ready for the day.  I was super horny and kept grabbing Vanessa's ass and tits and would even shove my hand down her pants to play with her pussy.

It was a little before 11am and William texts saying he will be passing through town around 5pm.  Almost an hour goes by and our job is totally dead, so I tell Vanessa that she should offer to blow him in the parking lot.  

This is what she text him: "I'm at work today...If you want to stop by I can suck your dick in the parking lot."  

William didn't answer and I was thinking about her blowing him, making me even more horny, so I suggest to Vanessa that she fuck him in the back of the store.

Vanessa then sends a text saying, "If it's slow like now, you can come in back and fuck me."

Hours later William finally text back saying, "We won't get caught?  Where should I shoot my load?"

Vanessa shows me the text and I tell her that I think it would be hot to have him fill her pussy with cum.  After saying that, she sends this to William.  "We just have to be can cum in my mouth or pussy.  I can start out blowing you and if we fuck, we fuck.  If you cum in me it's no big deal."

See how that is working?  I just suggest something and Vanessa straight up offers it to William.  She is such a huge slut!

William responds with, "I want to fill your pussy with cum."

I absolutely LOVE what Vanessa says next, because this describes her to a T.

She texts William saying, "Whatever you want.  Text me when you are here and I will meet you out back."

That first sentence saying, "Whatever you want" is exactly how Vanessa thinks when pleasing guys.  She literally will let you do whatever you want to her.

William tells Vanessa that he will be here in 10 minutes.  At that point my heart was racing.  I knew she was about to get fucked and I was so excited!

Ten minutes later William texts saying that he was here.  Vanessa walks over to me with this dirty slut look on her face and says, "Ok, he's here."

As she turns and walks away, my eyes were glued on her ass.  I couldn't wait for her pussy to get pumped full of cum.

I waited for about a minute before the anticipation got to me.  I had to see what was happening.  There was only one customer in the store so I acted like I had to do something in the office real fast.  I cut through the office and look out the back office door and this is what I see.

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I was blown away.  Vanessa looked so fucking hot getting fucked from behind!  I kind of expected her to be blowing him but clearly they skipped that part and went straight to fucking lol!

Our plan was that Vanessa would slam the back door once they were done fucking.  That was the signal for me to come fuck her and it literally was like 30 seconds after I peeked out the office door that I heard the door slam.

I walk to the back and Vanessa is standing there with a huge smile on her face.  Look at how happy this slut is when she shows me the cum that dripped out of her and is now on the floor.  It was almost like she was expecting praise and saying, "Look what I just did!"

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I felt obligated to fill her pussy with a load of my cum and that's exactly what I did!

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We head back to the front of the store and I could not wait to watch the video.  It was still totally dead so I just watched it and OMFG!

William came in her after 12 seconds!  Literally, TWELVE FUCKING SECONDS!  Really I'm not shocked, I mean Vanessa's pussy feels SOOOOOOOOOOO fucking great, most guys seems to cum really fast with her.

So I love keeping stats and watching numbers of Vanessa and this is one of my favorite statistics.  In 1 minute and 43 seconds, Vanessa fucked and was creampied by two guys.  Fucking AWESOME!!!

Vanessa did let me screen shot her whole conversation with William after we pumped her slut pussy with cum.  I had to paste it all together in photoshop so here it is.

I love how he asked if cum was dripping out of her, and her responding telling him I fucked her right after he did was priceless.  Her last text really lets you understand her thinking.  She knows she is a slut and knows that guys love sluts.  Vanessa is perfect.