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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

My facial cumslut

I have been on this kick lately where I just pull out my dick and jerk off on Vanessa's face.  She loves cum and facials, so I am allowed to do it anytime I want.  Tonight, I told Vanessa to take her clothes off because I wanted to get pictures of me giving her a facial for everyone on the internet to see.

Vanessa loves the idea of showing off what a slut she is on the internet, so she eagerly stripped off her clothes and got on her knees.

Vanessa's perfect tits.

She has sucked on waaaaaaaaay more than just that finger!  LOL

The face of a beautiful slut waiting for a hot sticky facial.

I had to put my cock in her mouth.

I can't even imaging how many trillions and trillions of sperm cells have been in this mouth.

Ready slut?


That smile says it all!

Perfect little cumslut.