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Saturday, May 12, 2018

A blast from the past

Today, Vanessa got a random text from one of her old fuck buddies William.  Vanessa first started fucking him back in 2010.  Then he came over a few days later and fucked her again.

We didn't hear from him again till 2016 when he came over and pounded the fuck out of her pussy.

Then, like I said, Vanessa gets a random text today from him.  William said that he would be in town and wanted to know if Vanessa wanted to get together.  She totally did buy was bleeding and told William that she would suck his dick if he wanted.

Of course he did, and she gave me sloppy seconds right after he left!

Watching her suck two cocks in a row and swallowing both loads of cum really makes me appreciate how much of a real slut this girl is!!  :)