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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Extra thickness

I am constantly on the lookout for larger toys that will help destroy Vanessa's pussy.  I fuck her all the time but my cock is no match for hear huge fuck hole these days.  That's where I stumbled on penis enlargers.

After some research, I decided to order the Sexflesh Fat Jack Penis Enlarger Sleeve.  It's just short of nine inches long but is designed to be trimmed down to fit your size.

Vanessa had no idea that I ordered it and it arrived today.  She just got done stretching her pussy with some massive toys and I love fucking her loose stretched out pussy.  So, I slid on the Fat Jack without her knowing and started fucking her.

Vanessa's pussy was still stretched out and covered in lube so I am pretty sure that she could not even tell that I had it on.  She was just laying there like she could not feel anything which totally turns me on!

I pulled out of Vanessa's pussy and tried to jam it up her ass.  I could tell that there was no way it was going in, so I pulled off the Fat Jack and fucked Vanessa in the ass for about twenty minutes before covering her face with my hot cum.  Lol!

She is such a fucking slut.  I LOVE it!!!