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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Anal while sleeping

I just fucked Vanessa in the ass!  She was laying in bed sleeping and I wanted to fuck her, so I climbed into bed and yanked her panties down.   I slid my cock in her pussy.  She didn't wake up at all, so I started to fuck her harder and faster.

Vanessa's whole body was flopping around while I was fucking her.  I started to think about what kind of slut can just lay there and sleep while getting fucked as hard as I was fucking her.  That really turned me on because as you know from reading this blog, I LOVE sluts!

Watching her body jiggle around while I fucked her made me want to fuck her in the ass.  I pulled my cock out of Vanessa's pussy and aimed it straight for her asshole.  This is usually where she would stop me if she didn't want it in her ass, but she didn't even move.

I rammed my cock all the way in her ass and expected Vanessa to wake up any time.  Nothing happened so I just started fucking away.  I was fucking her ass so hard that I had to reach down and make sure I was in her asshole.  Sure enough, I was absolutely pounding her asshole and she was just laying there taking it like a slut!

After almost thirty minutes I can tell that I am going to cum.  I thrust my cock balls deep into Vanessa's asshole and pump her full of my seed.  Every time I or someone else cums in Vanessa, she gets up and goes to the bathroom to let it drip out.

There was nothing of the sort, so I pulled her panties up and put my arm around her.  She let out a little moan and snuggled her ass up against me.  I wonder if she will have a huge load of cum drip out of her in the morning lol!